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  1. or trauma. My Story of Achenbach's Syndrome: The first time that my finger had pain, was at the gym a week ago. I felt only pain but without a bruise
  2. or and will disappear after a period of time. Bruising and blood spots are the two kinds of broken blood vessels
  3. Normally, a finger becomes bruised due to trauma. However, with Achenbach syndrome, the bruising appears to be caused by a spontaneous rupture of blood vessels for no known reason. The exact causes of Achenbach syndrome are not yet known
  4. Purpura occurs when small blood vessels burst, causing blood to pool under the skin. This can create purple spots on the skin that range in size from small dots to large patches. Purpura spots are..
  5. Dr. John Landi answered. 47 years experience Phlebology. Usually 7 to 10 days: If a vein is bruised this usually results in bleeding either under the skin to form a hematoma (trapped clotted blood) or from the skin directly. Vei.

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Specifically, Wegener's is a type of small-cell vasculitis. Involved primarily are the body's smallest blood vessels, such as those in a person's nose, ears, sinuses, lungs and kidneys. In addition to inflamed blood vessels, the condition produces a type of inflammatory tissue known as granuloma, found around blood vessels Spontaneous blood vessel bursts not normal. Jun 4, 2009. Jun 4, 2009. 3. Subscribe for only $1*. DEAR DR. GOTT: Periodically, I have blood vessels that pop. They instantly burn and form a pool of.

frequent breaking of blood vessels in fingers hullabalou. I've read a number of queries about frequent breaking of blood vessels in the fingers and hands but I'm wondering if any one has gotten any information about what might cause this annoying occurance. My concern is actually more about this being a symptom of a weakness in the vessels that. Paroxysmal finger hematoma, also known as Achenbach syndrome, is a benign, self-limiting condition that predominantly affects middle-aged women. 1 It is characterized by recurrent spontaneous subcutaneous bleeding in the fingers, typically on the palmar surface, mainly around the proximal interphalangeal joint creases The vessels also may become so thin that they rupture resulting in bleeding into the tissue. Vasculitis can also cause blood vessel narrowing to the point of closing off entirely (called an occlusion). If blood flow in a vessel with vasculitis is reduced or stopped, the tissues that receive blood from that vessel become injured and begin to die

A blood clot can form after a trauma to the finger damages blood vessels or breaks a bone. Examples include: a heavy object falling on the fingers, like when you accidentally hit your finger with. Hematoma is generally defined as a collection of blood outside of blood vessels. Most commonly, hematomas are caused by an injury to the wall of a blood vessel, prompting blood to seep out of the blood vessel into the surrounding tissues.A hematoma can result from an injury to any type of blood vessel (artery, vein, or small capillary).A hematoma usually describes bleeding which has more or. Blood vessels in the nose, lips or ear lobes may also be affected. This disorder is characterized by episodic spasms, called vasospastic attacks, which cause the small blood vessels in the fingers and toes to constrict (tighten or close) in response to temperature extremes, certain occupational exposures, or excitement

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A spontaneous hematoma (when blood pools outside of broken blood vessels) follows, and is what causes the finger discoloration. Patients experience warning signs minutes before the color change begins. These symptoms include pain, tingling, and itching. 5  The precise cause of Achenbach syndrome is unknown Bruises form when small blood vessels, called capillaries, near the skin's surface are broken by the force of injury or impact. When this happens, blood leaks out of the vessels and shows up as a bright or dark red, purple or black mark on the skin. Eventually, the body reabsorbs the blood, and the mark disappears

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There are many possible reasons for the broken blood vessel on your finger, but the most common one is that the vessel simply breaks because of the sudden or repeated injury to that area. Injuries might also be caused by prolonged exposure to water or cold and even later, water and cold tend to make the injury worse Splinter hemorrhages can develop after an injury or trauma to a fingernail or toenail. Stubbing a toe or injuring a finger can damage blood vessels along the nail bed on the affected digit and.

Bulging hand veins are normal for many people. Low body fat, genetics, and even hot weather can make hand veins more noticeable. Sometimes prominent hand veins can indicate a more serious. Blood vessels can break in the finger for a number of reasons. Typically when the finger is hit off an object, jammed in a door or caught between a tool, like a hammer, this will cause the vessel to break in the injured area. Old age can also increase the chances of broken blood vessels

Swolllen hands Hair loss - eyebrows, arms, legs Sacroiliac instability Cervical spine instability Peetechiae (broken blood vessels under the skin) Thin, translucent skin Thin, wrinkled, stretchy skin on hands Uterine prolapse IBS Symptoms that seem unrelated to diet - intermittent Jaw dislocated numerous times in life, had to be reset by. The ruptured or broken blood vessels on arm may be more of a cosmetic issue than a medical condition. However, for some, broken blood vessels can be a cause of concern and may indicate an underlying medical condition. Know the causes, types, symptoms and home remedies for broken blood vessels on arm Blood vessel deterioration associated with age. A lack of vitamin C, also known as scurvy. Infectious or inflammatory diseases that affect the blood vessels. Some drugs, such as steroids and.

Blood leaks into tissues under the skin and causes a black-and-blue colour that may become purplish black, reddish blue, or yellowish green as the bruise heals. Rest and home treatment can help you heal. Your doctor may have taped the bruised finger to the one next to it or put a splint on the finger to keep it in position while it heals The diagnosis of a broken bone in your hand or wrist generally includes a physical exam of the affected hand and X-rays. Sometimes, other imaging tests can give your doctor more detail. They are: CT scan. Can uncover fractures that X-rays miss. Injuries to soft tissues and blood vessels can be seen on CT scans However, these conditions often involve all the fingers simultaneously and other systemic manifestations or recognized abnormality of vessels, nerves, or blood is usually present. Another condition that needs to be distinguished is painful bruising syndrome or autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome that presents in similar fashion. The finger becomes numb, and turns white or less pink. Children require medical care because damage to the growth plate of a finger bone can lead to long term deformity. Try the P.R.I.C.E. approach for any strain or sprain — protect, rest, ice, compression, elevation Purpura occurs when small blood vessels burst, causing blood to pool under the skin. This can create purple spots on the skin that range in size from small dots to large patches

Avoid use of aspirin or any blood thinners to avoid further aggravating the hemorrhage. If consequently taking aspirin or any blood thinners for a certain medical condition, consultation with a physician is advised. Avoid contact sports or activities that can pose a risk of injuring the hands or rupturing blood vessels in the finger Angiodysplasia is an abnormality with the blood vessels in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract includes the mouth, esophagus, small and large intestines, stomach, and anus A popped blood vessel in the finger or in palm of a hand is mostly caused due to an injury to the hands or a minor trauma like when bumping or striking something using one's hand, whether by mishap or purposely, can cause a broken blood vessel in the palm of hand.. For instance is when an individual uses his hands to break something like a wood platform, the force used in the actual blow. A hematoma is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel.; There are several types of hematomas and they are often described based on their location. Examples of hematomas include subdural, spinal, under the finger or toenail bed (subungual), ear, and liver (hepatic).; Some causes of hematomas are as pelvic bone fractures, fingernail injuries (subungual), bumps, passing blood clots, blood. Symptoms. Causes. Treatment. Outlook. A cherry angioma is a mole-like skin growth made up of small blood vessels, or capillaries. It is the most common type of angioma. Angiomas are benign tumors.

Blood vessels can break in the skin or eye when the pressure around the area is increased, as during a weight-lifting session. You might notice broken blood vessels on your shoulders after working out, such as during a barbell squat when the weight bar presses on the affected area. Advertisement. You could experience a popped blood vessel in. Blood vessel deterioration associated with age. A lack of vitamin C, also known as scurvy. Infectious or inflammatory diseases that affect the blood vessels. Some drugs, such as steroids and. Blood vessels can burst for many reasons, but it usually happens as a result of an injury. Bleeding into the skin can appear as small dots, called petechiae , or in larger, flat patches, called. Broken blood vessels can sometimes be a sign of something else going on. This includes: Purpura; Purpura happens when small blood vessels burst and blood gathers under the skin. It creates purplish spots on the skin that range from a few dots on the skin to large sections. Although purpura is usually harmless, it can be a sign of a clotting.

When a blood clot forms inside a blood vessel (a thrombus), it can dislodge and travel through the blood stream, causing a deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolis, heart attack or stroke. Blood clots in the arteries can increase the risk for stroke, heart attack, severe leg pain, difficulty walking, or even the loss of a limb.usually caused by Petechiae: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (Including Images) Petechiae look like flat small red, brown, or purple spots on the skin. Petechiae spots form when tiny capillaries break and cause slight bleeding under the skin. The tiny darkened spots usually form in clusters and are called a petechial rash Peripheral artery disease narrows arteries in your legs, limiting blood flow. Are you one of the 8 million Americans affected by PAD? Learn more about PAD causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment Trigger finger release; Tendon repair; It is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it tightens up blood vessels in the area that it is used, thus limiting bleeding. Minnesota, and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. For the safety of our patients, staff and visitors, Mayo Clinic has strict masking policies in place. Anyone shown without a mask.

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Broken Capillaries. Broken capillaries are actually tiny blood vessels that have burst under the skin that can appear in any location on the body, but are especially noticeable in the nose area or other regions of the face. The red veins take on the shape of spiderwebs, which is why they are also called spider veins Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the body, delivering nutrients and oxygen to body organs and whisking away chemical waste products. Capillaries are very thin and fragile, moving blood along a single blood cell at a time. Broken capillaries under the surface of the skin can appear as bruises or spider veins Broken blood vessels in the hand are typically a result of an injury that jars the blood vessels, causing bleeding into the skin, according to Healthline. Infections of the blood, an allergic reaction, autoimmune disorders and the normal process of aging may also cause broken blood vessels The vessel can be hit or stretched badly enough to damage its lining and cause a blood clot. Poor blood flow after trauma makes the fingers turn white, cold, and painful. The vessel needs to be repaired with surgery as soon as possible if blood flow has stopped. Sometimes nearby arteries can help to continue blood flow to the parts Comment. atascadero. I asked the Dr at work about the burst blood vessel in my finger. Turns out, it was caused by 2 factors: 1) I had been taking 2 days of aspirin/acetophenamin for headache AND 2) I had traveled to a location with a higher elevation than home by 4,100 ft

According to the Mayo Clinic, skin becomes thinner with age, resulting in a smaller barrier between skin and the blood vessels that burst to cause bruising. Skin also loses some of its fatty layer as the body ages, and this fatty layer cushions blood vessels, allowing them to absorb impact rather than burst. The loss of this lowers the body's. This issue occurs when the blood vessels in the fingers (which are already very small) narrow and decrease even further in size. As a result of this, less blood flow is able to get through to your hands and fingers. Typically the effects of the syndrome are more severe in people whose Raynauds is the result of another condition like RA These blisters—called bullosis diabeticorum—can occur on the fingers, hands, toes, feet, legs, or forearms. Diabetic blisters usually are painless and heal on their own. They often occur in people who have diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic dermopathy. Diabetes can affect the small blood vessels of the body that supply the skin with blood Tiny blood vessels can break beneath the surface of your eye. The blood is trapped and makes the white of your eye look bright red. This condition can be caused by an intense sneeze, heavy lifting. Other contributing factors, apart from changes in the vessel wall leading to venous thrombosis, are changes in the blood flow and hypercoagulability of the blood. It has been suggested that intraluminal stasis of blood flow can be caused by flexion of the fingers and possibly by wearing rings 11, 12

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  1. Spider veins, also called broken blood vessels, broken capillaries or telangiectasia rosacea, are a problem with the tiny blood vessels that become visible near the surface of the skin. They usually appear as streaks or blotches and can be identified by their red or blue color. Spider veins don't heal or fade with time
  2. Deep vein thrombophlebitis affects the larger blood vessels, usually deep in the legs. Large blood clots can form, which may break off and travel to the lungs . This is a serious condition called.
  3. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic says that the cause of Raynaud's disease isn't completely understood. However, they say that cold temperatures or stress causes the arteries in your hands or feet to become very narrow and limit the blood supply. Over time, the blood vessels may thicken, restricting blood flow even more. 17. Blood clot
  4. Susac's syndrome is a rare autoimmune disorder that causes the body's natural defenses to behave as if there were an infection or injury when there is none. The condition most often affects the smallest blood vessels in the brain, eye and inner ear, and can cause the blood vessels to become blocked. When a blood vessel is blocked, the blood and oxygen supply to that area of the body is limited.
  5. A hematoma is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels that causes pain and swelling.. Purpura: This type of bruising typically involves small bleeding that occurs under the skin. Petechiae: These are pinpoint areas (less than 2 mm) of reddish dots on the skin that do not turn white after applying gentle pressure

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COVID-19 might cause eye problems such as enlarged, red blood vessels, swollen eyelids, excessive watering and increased discharge. The infection also might cause light sensitivity and irritation Abnormal blood vessels in the skin can appear on the hands, fingertips, face, lips, lining of the mouth, and nose as delicate red or purplish spots that lighten briefly when touched. Bleeding within the stomach or intestines is another possible indicator of HHT that occurs because of abnormal blood vessels lining the digestive tract According to the gastro clinic, spider veins on the chest, back, and shoulders are a possible warning sign. You may also notice Possibly broken blood vessels in the face, it says. READ MORE. Sometimes blood tests or imaging are necessary to rule out other conditions, including a blood clot in a leg vein (deep-vein thrombosis), a reaction to a drug or a skin irritant, lymphedema, or an infected joint. For simple, uncomplicated cellulitis, however, additional testing isn't required If your fingers blanch (translation: lose color) and then turn blue, purple, or black when you're either cold or under pressure, it could be a symptom of Raynaud's disease. This disorder causes the blood vessels to narrow in certain situations, like when the body temperature is dropping or when you're stressed out

Dear Mayo Clinic: Six months ago my 23-year-old daughter developed superficial blood clots in her lower legs. A venogram showed some slight reflux of one leg, but otherwise was normal. She was told to take an aspirin daily and wears compression stockings while standing for long periods, but last week she again developed blood clots I had left thumb surgery for osteoarthritis 7 yrs ago which went well,don't get full strength back but no pain so that's OK.had right thumb done 2 yrs later which was OK for a while although took longer to recover.Now I have so much pain in what I think is the scaphoid area into my wrist.The surgeon had me get a shot around the scar area which is not where the pain is and about a yr later it's. This causes pressure on the eye and can damage the optic nerve. This is called glaucoma, and it is the leading cause of blindness for people 60 and over. The usual form of glaucoma is generally.

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Diseases that weaken blood vessels, including high blood pressure, can cause bleeding in your eye. Blood thinners may also be to blame if you notice redness forming. Typically, these burst blood vessels release only a drop or two of blood. But that fluid is pinched between the layers of the eye, and it can bulge outward Being pregnant, as it puts pressure on the blood vessels of the lower part of the body. Macular There are many different conditions and risk factors that may lead macular edema, including age-related eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and cataracts , which may cause macular swelling that leads to blood vessels leaking fluid in the retina Most people who suffer a broken rib actually have a cracked rib, according to the Mayo Clinic. Cracked ribs aren't as potentially dangerous as ribs that have been broken, since a jagged piece of bone could damage major blood vessels or internal organs. Unlike an arm or leg break, a broken rib isn't set in a cast Swelling of the arm is an indication of inflammation or disturbances of blood or lymph flow causing a swollen appearance of the upper arm, forearm, hand or fingers. It rarely occurs on both sides at the same time. A sweollen arm is not always a cause for concern. Most cases are acute and quickly resolve on its own with no further problems There are many different types of warts. The type of wart most commonly found on the hands is the common wart or verruca vulgaris. Common warts appear as small, fleshy, rough bumps on the fingers and hands. Another name for common warts is seed warts, because broken blood vessels in the wart give the appearance of tiny black seeds

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DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. Pain and tenderness on the thumb side of your wrist may be due to de Quervain's tenosynovitis. Tendons connect muscles to bone. Two of the tendons that move your thumb run along the thumb side of your wrist. As with all tendons, they usually glide smoothly through a covering called a tendon sheath Mayo Clinic explains that the disease is characterized by the narrowing of blood vessels in a response to stimuli, most often cold but sometimes also stress. While the disease can affect the toes and even the nose, the fingers are the most commonly noted areas to experience symptoms Pulmonary embolism, this is a blood clot in the vessels that carry blood to the lungs from the heart. A blood clot occurring inside the blood vessel can travel to other parts of the body causing harm. A blood clot in finger or on other parts of the body can be caused by any of the following conditions: Antiphospholipid syndrome; Deep vein. Splinter hemorrhages occur when blood leaks or swells from small blood vessels that run up and down the nail bed. Tiny blood clots known as microemboli in the capillaries can also cause splinter. Mayo Clinic had always represented possibility and hope for her, but those sentiments took on more meaning when Cori returned to Mayo searching for a solution to her own illness. Corinne Cori Kirkpatrick remembers well the initial impressions Mayo Clinic left on her when she first arrived in Rochester, Minnesota, as the 25-year-old wife of a.

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Raynaud's disease. Raynaud's disease is a rare blood disorder that usually happens in the fingers and toes, per Medline Plus. The condition causes the blood vessels to narrow when you feel cold or. Electrolyte imbalances clinic sildenafil citrate mayo. 4. Assess skin color and facial skin. If contraindicated, amiodarone may be extended along the lateral margin of normal granu- locytes, or transform the blast cells for diagnosis of epilepsy is primarily inuenced by age 7 years, with the goals of care may be

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  1. Raynaud's phenomenon is characterized by the hand or fingers going through a cycle of three colors; white, blue, and then red. This is caused by exposure to certain temperatures or because of conditions that cause the blood vessels in the hand and fingers to narrow, which cuts off the blood supply
  2. For instance, sufferers of Raynaud's disease, a condition that is characterized by poor circulation in hands as a result of narrowing blood vessels in response to cold or stress, are warned that the condition may be exacerbated by the use of beta blockers, according to Mayo Clinic. This is because they may possibly contribute to an increased.
  3. Today, with advanced technology, ultrasound allows us to visualize and diagnose an area of injury in the clinic and, when indicated, perform a guided intervention to help people with their symptoms. Ultrasound also helps avoid injury to nearby tissues, including blood vessels and nerves
  4. The reason they hurt so badly comes down to their location. There are many nerve endings and blood vessels in this area, says Dr. Davis. In addition, hangnails usually come with inflammation.
  5. Broken blood vessels under the skin (spider angioma) Bluish tinge of the lips and skin (cyanosis) Causes. Hepatopulmonary syndrome is caused when blood vessels in and around the lungs widen (dilate), which affects the amount of oxygen that moves from the lungs into the bloodstream

People with RA develop wounds for many reasons, says Eric Matteson, MD, chairman of rheumatology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. One is that they may have low-grade vasculitis - inflammation affecting the small blood vessels in the skin. When the wound is related to the underlying systemic inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, not. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when a sudden, external, physical assault damages the brain. It is one of the most common causes of disability and death in adults. TBI is a broad term that describes a vast array of injuries that happen to the brain. The damage can be focal (confined to one area of the brain) or diffuse (happens in more. A standard-size adult blood pressure cuff connected to a Dinamap monitor, set to cycle automatically every 3 minutes was affixed to his left upper extremity during surgery. One day after the operation he complained of numbness over the dorsum of the left hand and wrist drop Blood vessel constriction, also known as vasoconstriction, is one of these potential side effects. Caffeine's Effects on the Body Caffeine, a substance found naturally in tea leaves, kola nuts, cocoa beans and coffee, quickly passes into the brain once ingested. It then stays in the body for many hours, which means its effects can last for hours

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  1. The most widely used type of blood pressure drug may do more harm than good for your heart, according to a major new study. A research team led by Pennsylvania State University looked at L-type calcium channel blockers (LCCBs). These include verapamil (Calan, Isoptin) and diltiazen (Cardizem).. LCCBs work by keeping excessive calcium from entering blood vessel cells
  2. Narrowing of blood vessels in the feet can be a result of muscular wall contraction. In Raynaud disease , vasoconstriction tends to affect multiple fingers more severely than the toes. Causes include medication-induced vasoconstriction (eg, a beta-blocker or illicit drug such as cocaine) and/or acrocyanosis [1]
  3. DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What causes cellulitis, and how is it treated? ANSWER: Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that typically affects the deeper layers of your skin and the layer of fat just beneath. It's quite common, especially among middle-aged and older adults. Most often, cellulitis occurs when a crack or cut in your skin allows bacteria to get inside and multiply
  4. al swelling and leg edema. Vein problems: Venous insufficiency is when your veins are unable to transport enough blood to the feet and later to the heart. As a result, your legs, feet, and ankles become swollen
  5. Rosacea (rose-ay-shah) is a common, long-lasting skin condition that causes inflammation and redness of the face. It usually starts with redness on the cheeks and nose, and also can affect the forehead and chin. The late comedian W.C. Fields, who was known for his wicked wit and red, bulbous nose, had an advanced case of rosacea

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  1. The blood is trapped and makes the white of your eye turn bright red. It can be caused by a strong sneeze, heavy lifting, hard vomiting, or rubbing your eye a little too hard. You may be more likely to have broken blood vessels if you take blood-thinning medication, even a baby aspirin. Broken blood vessels can look scary but are generally.
  2. If you nicked your finger while slicing up some tomatoes or cut yourself while shaving, you'll want to first wash your hands to avoid infecting the wound, says the Mayo Clinic.Then, grab a paper.
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  4. Ordinary blisters on the feet are fairly common, and can arise if there's enough friction against the toes or the sole of your foot. In some cases, however, a simple blister can instead become a blood blister.. A blood blister is essentially a common blister, but the blood vessels beneath the blister have been damaged
  5. Questions about Eliquis and Meds for Pain Relief. Posted by cece55 @cece55, Mar 2, 2019. I have a question for the group. I was diagnosed with AFib three months ago and after my first event I was put on a low dose aspirin along with my metoporal that I had been taking for a year. The dosage for the metoporal was 12.5 MG three times a day

One of the most common skin-related side effects of extended aspirin use is bruising. Bruises are caused when capillaries are damaged and allow blood to leak visibly underneath the skin. Because aspirin is a blood thinner, it can keep the blood vessels from healing as quickly as they normally would [source: Mayo Clinic]. This effect should not. 5. Fever and chills. This indicates you may also have an infection going on, per the Mayo Clinic. Some stones can form as a result of a urinary tract infection, the Mayo Clinic notes. When a UTI. Sternum refers to the breast bone, cut vertically during open heart surgery. Titanium wires are used to hole the sternum together until the bone heals. These are called sternal wires. A stent, on the other hand, is a collapsible frame inserted into a blood vessel to keep it open

Blood vessels to the wound constrict, reducing blood loss. Blood platelets gather at the site to form a clot. Once the clot has formed, the blood vessels dilate, allowing maximum blood flow to the site. This causes inflammation. White blood cells start cleaning the site of bacteria, micro-organisms and other foreign agents According to doctors on Cleveland clinic, blood blister in mouth and cheeks are caused by mouth injury, oral herpes, diabetes, during teething in children, side effects of medications, smoking and nutritional deficiencies. In case of mild cases, you can use home remedies and severe cases over the counter drugs The arrangement of blood vessels at the back of the eye, also known as the retina vasculature, is closely connected to the health of your heart. That means issues we see in the eye can be directly linked to health problems with the heart and the vessels in your body. Most eye exams include an inspection of the outside and inside of the eye When the blood vessels that supply the skin with blood become damaged as a result of uncontrolled blood sugar, oval red or brown lesions can develop on the skin. Mayo Clinic. May 22, 2015. DKA. Left Arm Tingling: Common Causes and Treatments Pinched nerve in the cervical spine. Pinched nerve in your spinal cord can cause numbness and tingling in your left arm. According to Dr. Melinda Ratini on WebMD, damage to nerves in the neck region of the spine (known as the cervical spine) can cause cervical radiculopathy.. This medical term describes neurological symptoms resulting from any.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage. Primary injuries can involve a specific lobe of the brain or can involve the entire brain. After impact, the brain may undergo a delayed trauma - it swells - pushing itself against the skull and reducing the blood flow. This is called secondary injury, which is often more damaging than the primary injury Research suggests that petechiae, or small purple or red spots on your skin, is caused by damage to the blood capillaries underneath the skin. Capillaries are the ending of blood vessels that form a microscopic meshwork so oxygen and be released from the blood to the tissue, so essentially, petechiae are tiny bruises Vascular dementia is caused by a lack of blood flow to a part of the brain. Blood flow may be decreased or interrupted by: Blood clots. Bleeding because of a ruptured blood vessel (such as from a stroke) Damage to a blood vessel from atherosclerosis, infection, high blood pressure, or other causes, such as an autoimmune disorder Blood clots in the arms or legs can cause swelling, tenderness, and discoloration. Blood clots in the brain can cause speech and/or visual impairment, disorientation, dizziness, weakness or paralysis, and seizures. Blood clots in the heart can cause radiating chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, and heavy sweating