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  1. Angustifolia Munstead - 3 Litre Pot. Sold Out. £9.99. Number of plants: 1. 1. This product is unavailable. Free Delivery when you spend over £40. Traditional English lavender, taller than Hidcote with lighter purple flowers and bright green foliage. Can be used to fill bigger spaces or provide a little more height to a hedge
  2. Established Super Hardy Lavender - 'Lavender Phenomenal' 3.6 Litre: Occasionally new plants can come to the market that despite the fanfare and great sounding name, they can unfortunately fail to live upto the hype, that is certainly not the case with Lavender Phenomenal.Originally bred in Pennsylvania, where winter temperatures can be pretty harsh the aim was to create a winter hardy lavender.
  3. g, an early and glorious display of fragrant flower spikes

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2. Place the lavender plant in the center of the pot. Nestle it into the dirt that is already in the pot for security. The base of the plant should sit 3-inches below the rim of the pot. Gently break the surface of the lavender dirt ball with your fingers to release some of the roots For borders, hedges and edges, two-year-old plants in 1 litre pots are ideal. You get more root and more flower in the first year, and they do not look lost planted at one plant every 13 (33cms). By the end of the first summer, they will have joined up. For specimen shrubs that provide instant impact, buy larger plants in 3 litre pots 2 x 3 litre potted lavender plants (TKA0704) 1 x 3 litre potted lavender plant (KA0703) 1 x 2 litre potted lavender plant (KC1136) How to Grow. Grow English lavender plants on free draining soil in full sun. Lavenders dislike wet ground, particularly during winter. Improve heavy soil conditions by adding coarse grit or sharp sand prior to planting

The Hidcote Lavender Company. Based on our natural lavender farm in North Yorkshire with over 23 years experience, we know lavender. Angustifolia Hidcote is the most popular lavender in the UK and our Hidcote Company is dedicated to providing the best quality Hidcote Plants in all shapes and sizes. It's that simple Out of stock. Potted Hedging. We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results. Click to enlarge. Lavender Phenomenal Potted Hedging 2/3in 5/8cm. in 9cm pots. Plant (s) per metre: 3-5. Minimum order quantity: 1

2 litre pot in stock (shipped within 2-3 working days) 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 5 5 1 ADD Buy Lavandula angustifolia Melissa Lilac ('Dow4') (PBR): Large, lilac flowers in summe English Lavender hedge (Lavandula angustifolia) description Old English Lavender is a bushy shrub, ideal for creating a low, vibrant garden hedge. The flowers of Lavandula angustifolia appear in summer and are incredibly popular with bees and butterflies. The evergreen foliage provides year-round interest and perfectly complements the masses of colourful flowers. Our normal variety of. Dwarf Lavender is a low grower, perfect for garden borders, pathways or rockeries. Combine Dwarf Lavender hedging with. Why not plant mix your dwarf lavender plants with other shrubs for hedging. Growth rate of Lavandula angustifolia 'Little Lady' hedges. Dwarf Lavender is low growing and best suited to a height of less than 50cm 100 +. £7.99. (£9.59) Out of stock. 4.8/5. Independent Service Rating based on 7672 verified reviews. Read all reviews. Lavender Hidcote (Lavandula Angustifolia), also known as English Lavender, is a popular evergreen plant providing you with great ground cover and a blaze of purple, brightening up any garden it resides in

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Lavender plants will tolerate many growing conditions, but they thrive in warm, well-draining alkaline soil, and full sun. Most lavenders are labeled hardy in USDA zones 5 through 9, but this is not a plant that is dependable enough to plant as a hedge. Realistically, you can expect plants to do well when the weather cooperates, but be prepared. English Lavender 10/20cm 2L pot - A beautiful, fragrant evergreen plant for compact hedges in contemporary design or traditional cottage displays. Lavender scent is often used to deter pests from other host plants. The grey green leaves are aromatic and the flower spikes are famous for their perfume

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  1. Our potted 3 litre dahlia plants have large and very well-developed root systems and can be planted straight out into the garden. Plants are supplied in pots measuring around 18cm in diameter. The foliage height will vary between each variety. 3 litre potted plants are despatched from late May. Filter Results
  2. 2 litre pot in stock (shipped within 3-5 working days) 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 4 5 10 ADD Buy Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote': A compact lavender, with intense, violet flower
  3. Please Note: Shrubs in 20 litre pots and above might require a pallet delivery starting at £75.00 per pallet. Depending on the exact pot size and height it may be possible to get approximately 5 plants per pallet at no extra cost. The maximum height we can dispatch on a pallet is 2.0m, this includes the height of the pallet and pot
  4. The Spruce / Adrienne Legault How to Plant English Lavender . Plant English lavender with a spacing of 1 to 3 feet. Once the plants are well established, in their second season and beyond, it's usually best to prune the new spring growth after the plants leaf out, cutting about one-third of the green stalks
  5. Lavender Angustifolia Melissa Lilac Beautifully scented flowers in tall spikes! A hardy shrub, that reaches around 60cm in height, with grey-green foliage and scented flower spikes from mid-summer until autumn. Flowers are dark purple in bud, opening to a much lighter mauve, giving a two-tone effect. Flower spikes are noticeably larger than most cultivars, with distinctly rounded petals
  6. English Lavender. 60cm. 60cm. Hardy. Pink. Lavenders like well-drained soil in a sunny site that receives sun for most of the day. Lavandula angustifolia (English) prefers alkaline soil which will help extend its life whilst Lavandula stoechas (French) and to a lesser extent Lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin), can thrive in slightly acid soil

How to Care for a Lavender Hedge. Lavender makes a good Hedge with a height of up to 60cm (24). Make a trench of 30 cm deep and 20 cm wide, fill this up with a mix of potting compost and coarse sand. Plant the lavender plants with a spacing of 15cm (6)(7 plants on a meter) Lavender Hidcote. 3 or 4 Plants Offer. 2 Litre pots in Bud & Flower Now! (3) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. £24.95. New Fall 2021 Collection — Shop Spring Hill Nursery & Save up to 30% on Select Items.. You Can Count on Spring Hill's 172 Years of Expertise to Bring You Top-Quality Plants 3L Lavender Angustifolia Munstead - X1. A compact lavender, named after Gertrude Jekyll's garden at Munstead Wood. It produces dense spikes of fragrant, bluish-purple summer flowers above slender, aromatic, grey-green leaves. This is a lovely lavender for edging paths and borders; the aromatic foliage perfumes the air if you brush against it Lavandula stoechas 'Tiara' 3 Litre (Lavender) At Norfolk Quality Plants we pride ourselves on growing the very best quality plants. All varieties are raised by our small dedicated team on our nursery. Every order is hand selected, prepared and packed on the day of despatch and we only use a 24 hour delivery service so that all plants spend.

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  1. Our lavender pots are now available to purchase online. 9cm pots are available for postage. We have a selection of 1, 2 & 3 Litre plants during the season that can be purchased from the shop. If you would like to know the current stock availability please do contact us via email or phone
  2. Phenomenal: the Lavender Plant that Changed the Whole Growing Game. 24 - 32 Tall x 24 - 32 Wide. Phenomenal® Lavender PP#24193 caused an audible wave of excitement to pass over the US the day it was introduced!Finally, a rugged and hardy lavender that can handle both harsh winters and taxing humidity with grace
  3. Stunning Lavender Plants. Lavender plants are perfect for containers, softening path and patio edges or low hedging, attracting an abundance of bees and insects to your garden. Our tantalising lavender collection and cottage garden plants will help you create the perfect informal, wildlife-friendly garden
  4. A profusion of mid-blue flowers. Green-grey foliage. Very robust plant which is ideal for landscape use as well as in gardens. We find this the easiest cultivar to overwinter.The flowers follow after the angustifolia forms in August which extends the flowering season. The most commonly used plant for oil and cut flower production. (75cm
  5. Calamagrostis Karl Foerster - Common name:Feather Reed Grass - 2001 Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year. Strong vertical appearance. Among the earliest flowering of the grasses, mannerly and attractive all year. Deep green blades with extra fluffy sandy fronds with deep purple accents in June. As the seeds mature the flower stalks turn golden and take on the appearance of shafts of.

10 cups. 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoons. 20 gallons. 20 cups. 1 and 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons. Please be mindful to choose the correct column in the chart depending on whether you are using 3% hydrogen peroxide or 35% hydrogen peroxide!! As you may notice, the amount of peroxide in the chart for sick and fungusy. For english lavender hedges: 30-40cm apart (12-15) dependent upon size. Tall lavender (60cm+) should be planted 40-50cm apart(15-16) For informal planting: 45-90cm apart (18-36). English Lavenders do look particularly striking when planted in groups of 3! Containers Waterin

Lavender Fairy Wings Pink 3 Litre At Norfolk Quality Plants we pride ourselves on growing the very best quality plants. All varieties are raised by our small dedicated team on our nursery. Every order is hand selected, prepared and packed on the day of despatch and we only use a 24 hour delivery service so that all plants spend as little. Plants are approx 30-40cm Tall and 30-40cm Wide. Large Lavender Munstead Approx 30-40cm Tall 3 Litre Fragrant Herb Plant RHS AGM | eBay It also works well in a gravel garden, or clipped into a formal sphere for a contemporary look

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Plant Size (cm) Girth - cm Set Descending Direction. Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia 60/80cm. 5 Litre. £12.95 Price From £11.50. Add to Cart. Large English Lavender Plants Angustifolia Hidcote - Two Size Options. Price From £13.95 3) Plants that do not contain essential oils but produce interesting hydrosols containing organic, volatile constituents such as plantain, nettle, cornflower and horsetail. The quantity of plant material needed is a tiny percentage compared to essential oils. To obtain a litre of lavender essential oil one needs an average of 150kgs of lavender. 9cm - for all our alpine plants. 1 Litre - for the majority of our herbaceous perennials. 2 Litre (occasionally 3 Litre) - for shrubs and those herbaceous perennials which require a larger root run. Some plants may be supplied 'bare root' and will be of comparable size to pot grown plants A 3 litre air-pot grown Eucalyptus is a good size, big enough to handle with ease and small enough for you to pot on; pot on into a 20 litre for a couple of years and from there into a 45 litre container. A 12 litre multi-stemmed Euc can be comfortably potted on into a 30 litre or 45 litre container English Lavender 'Munstead'. Regular price. £12.00. /. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. One of the most popular lavender varieties - 'Munstead' flowers have a paler blue/mauve appearance than 'Hidcote', the other most favoured variety. Beautifully grown, these semi-evergreen garden favourites can't fail to delight

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Approx. 0.5 litre pot One whiff of the essential oils of a lavender plant (called lavandulin) and you will understand why it is so sought after! The odor is pleasant, relaxing, and is thought to cure headaches, help sleeping, and repel mosquitos. In addition, lavender oil is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.. Ann Harman recommends a 3:1 (w/w) ratio. 3 pounds of water with 1 pound of plant material. Too much water may result in a weak hydrosol where as too little water could result in the burning of the pot and/or plant material. For watery plants, such as cucumber or the citruses, Ann recommends a 2:1 (w/w) ratio

Phenomenal' growth and scent. Easy maintenace. Attracts bees and butterflies. Lavender is always a winner and a popular plant around all types of gardens, from cottage-style spaces to smaller gardens and attractive wild rows, edges and borders. Lavender Phenomenal is one of the best varieties for creating a stunning look with impactful flowers. Growers recommend a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet (61-91 cm.) between plants and 3 to 6 feet (.91-1 m.) between rows. Lavender also does well in raised beds. How to Start a Lavender Farm. Planting lavender seeds is risky and time consuming and generally aren't true to type, meaning they may not produce the desired variety Best is to buy lavender plants already started, and which your vendor knows are grown from cuttings. The lavandins have sterile seeds, so only can be grown from cuttings. If moving a plant, do so in spring, and make sure to get plenty of soil around the roots. In the north, it's best to plant in the spring so plants can establish during the. Lavender Major produces an abundance of rich dark purple flowers. Putting on quite a show from early in spring and into summer with its abundance of rich dark purple flowers. Strong stem, brilliant flower heads and performs best in full sun. It is a great choice for hedging, topiary work and for training as a standard

Penstemon is a genus of approximately 250 species within the Plantaginaceae family, although was once placed within the Scrophulariaceae family. They are native to North America and East Asia. The first publicized description of Penstemon was in the works of John Mitchell in 1748. Further to this, Carl Linnaeus wrote about them in 1753. Lavender 'Hidcote'(Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote') Herb in 9cm Pot. Lavender 'Hidcote' is named after plantsman Laurence Johnston's famous Arts and Crafts garden in Gloucestershire and is one of the most well known English Lavenders. It is a strongly aromatic shrub growing 30-50cm tall, and is well-recognised for its beautiful scented flowers and grey-green foliage Lavender angustifolia 'HIDCOTE' RHS AGM (cup logo) 2002. A wonderful low growing plant with dark violet flowers and strong, grey green foliage. 'Hidcote' was introduced by Major Lawrence Johnston and named after Hidcote Manor in Glouscestershire. It first received a Royal Horticultural Society award of garden merit in 1932 and was re-confirmed.

Lavender planting Lavender can be planted all year round, but this plant prefers sun-soaked soil and won't tolerate its roots sitting in damp or soggy ground. Therefore, plant your lavender in water-permeable soil and position it in a sunny spot in the garden. The best time to plant lavender is between April and August Plant lavender at the same depth it was in its pot. Add a sprinkling of bonemeal to the planting hole, place the plant in the hole, backfill and firm in. Water well. When planting lavender in pots, choose terracotta pots with drainage holes. Fill with a John Innes no. 2 or 3 and mix in some horticultural grit, for drainage

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  1. All-purpose Seaweed Stimulant. All-purpose organic concentrated seaweed feed that is a ready to use, derived from sustainable harvested kelp, that can be used on all outdoor and indoor plants, except acid loving plants. Perfect used in conjunction with Rootgrow™. Only £7.50
  2. These perennials will produce fantastic foliage and colourful blooms in the summer months when planted straight into your beds and borders. 2 litre potted perennials are small enough to establish quickly but large enough to make an impact in your garden. 2-litre potted perennials are mature plants that will make a lot of impact right away
  3. Peroxide for Overwatered Plants. Overwatered plants are susceptible to root rot and other diseases that can kill them. Too much water essentially drowns plants, keeping their roots from accessing.
  4. Lavender Oil is one of the most famous fragrances used for aromatherapy, cosmetics and perfumery. Because of its multiple therapeutic properties, lavender is one of the most versatile aromatic plants known to mankind. Majestic Pure Lavender oil is extracted through steam distillation. Our Lavender Oil is of a therapeutic grade
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English Lavender 'Hidcote'. Regular price Sale price. £12.00. /. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Two of the most popular lavender varities - beautifully grown, these semi-evergreen garden favourites can't fail to delight. Loves full sun. Hates overwatering Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed Ready To Use Plant Food (2 x 1 Litre) £5.98 RRP £6.98. Free Home Delivery. Resolva 24hr 1L RTU Weed Killer x 3. £9.57 RRP £14.97. Free Home Delivery. Speedy Green Season Long Triple Action Fertiliser (1.2kg) £1.99. Free Home Delivery. Speedy Seed: 20 Flower Seed Bombs (2x 3 x Munstead Dwarf Lavender 'Garden Ready' Plants Each supplied in 3/4 Litre Pots Growing Munstead Lavender All lavender must have good drainage and close to full sun. They prefer poor soil, and will thrive in exposed coastal sites. When established, they are pretty much totally drought tolerant, but in the first and second year you should water them as you would any other new shrub to. Recommendations for pot sizes: • ½ litre: Seedlings and young plants up to ~15cm. • 2-3 litres: Plant height up to ~25cm. • 5 litres: Plant height up to 60cm. • 11 litres and more: Average plant height (check strain description) For the average indoor grow, you can fit nine 11-litre pots per square metre

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Lavender Phenomenal Live Herb Plant (US PP24-193) 'Niko' from starter plant to HUGE plant ClarksLavenderFarm 4.5 out of 5 stars (189) $ 5.97. Bestseller Add to Favorites Plant Clipping Mystery Box RenegadePearlCo 4.5 out of 5 stars (525. So our plants are at least 3 years old and in no smaller than 2 or 3 litre pots, and most will have at least some fruit next summer. We also have a few varieties in 5 litre pots - these plants are another year older and so are taller and considerably more well branched. You can check our current availability for each pot size here: 2 Litre pot Once the lavender is dry, crush the plant parts and add it to a glass jar. Pour a plant oil, such as safflower oil or olive oil into the jar, leaving 1-2 inches at the top. Set the jar in a sunny spot, making sure it is tightly sealed. Leave the jar to sit and soak for 3-4 weeks. You can add vitamin E at the end of the infusion to increase the.

However, you can also spray Epsom salt directly onto the leaves of your plant. To do so, just follow these simple steps here: Spray it on the leaves of houseplants. Dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom salt in one liter of water. Pour the solution into a suitable spray bottle. Then spray the leaves of your houseplants evenly Buy lavender Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' - A compact lavender, with intense, violet flowers: Delivery by Waitrose Garden Our website uses cookies. We use cookies to provide you with a better service on our websites Superbly fragrant blooms borne on a strong plant. Flowers Summer through to Autumn, year after year. Ideal for rose beds or mixed borders. Plant Fact File: Pot Size: 3 litres Main flower colour: Red Height now: 50cm Spread now: 20cm Mature height: 80cm+ Mature spread: 60cm+ Season of interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn Foliage type: Deciduous Fragrant: Yes Growth rate: Medium Hardiness: Hardy. Despite the differences between animal and plant protein sources, you can still meet all of your protein needs with plant-only sources. If you are on a plant-only diet, be sure to mix and match your plant sources to get a full amino acid profile, and aim for at least 1.5 grams per kilo of body weight to absorb enough functional protein Lavender is a dwarf shrub that is broadly mounded and grows up to 3'. This plant blooms in the summer and has aromatic leaves, flowers, and dry seed heads. This plant can be used as a border, a low hedge, in massing, in containers and in herb gardens. This plant is the source of the true oil of lavender

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Lavender Hidcote - 3 Litre Pot. Cart: 0 Notifications Search. Free Shipping on Orders $250 or more - Widest Range in NZ - Garden Design Order $250 or more worth of plants and we will deliver anywhere in NZ for free* For orders under $250, the following flat fee delivery options apply Defra's Risk register #3 Plant name. Lavandula angustifolia 'Little Lady' (English lavender 'Little Lady') Common pest name. tomato thrips. Scientific pest name. Ceratothripoides brunneus. Type. Insect. Current status in UK. Absent. Likelihood to spread to UK (1 is very low - 5 is very high) 3. Impact (1 is very low - 5 is very high) 3. General. Tumalo Lavender offers a variety of lavender plants that are acclimated to grow successfully in the Northwest and especially in Zone 5. Lavender propagation takes place in the fall and spring. All of our plants are propagated on our farm from soft or semi-hardwood cuttings taken from our own Mother stock. We offer 3 and gallon finished plants 'Provence' Lavender is a tall, aromatic variety with abundant slender blooms. Famed for its scent, 'Provence' is a favorite among soapmakers and dried flower arrangers. It's a prolific producer, sending up multiple flowers on its bushy plants that attract and support bees and butterflies. Heat-loving and drought-tolerant, 'Provence' has been known to withstand some bouts of humidity. Deer. It is a welcome fall blooming plant in our zone 8. This part of the lavender field gets a fair bit of shade which in our hot climate doesn't seem to bother Pinnata Lavender at all. The flower stems, which can reach three feet, might be a bit more squirrely because of the shade but are still beautiful. This plant is often available in plug trays

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  1. Lavender plants are fragrant, evergreen and iconic - and ideal for Mediterranean or European style parterres; edging for borders or islands or as specimen plants in pots, tubs or raised beds. Many different varieties are available, but some of the best known are prone to rotting and may therefore succumb to a wet winter
  2. 3.785 l = 1 gallon. Welcome to the newly reformulated Flora Series Feed Charts, your recipes to mixing success. The General Hydroponics R&D team just wrapped a multi-year project to refine these charts—making them more precise, more customized, and easier to use than ever. It's our way of helping you give your plants what they need, when.
  3. Super-fine evergreen foliage holds its hue throughout the year and makes for perfectly dense hedges. The small but mighty 3 x 3 stature also works wonderfully for smaller gardens or focal areas. Baby Jade Boxwood sets the new standard for the classic hedge plant. Its dense, evergreen growth makes it perfect for shearing into a small, formal hedge

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Buy Plants Online with 'WOW' Factor! We're here to bring you the very best in mature plants for instant garden impact and varieties that provide the 'WOW' factor that every gardener loves. We look for new plants which have garden performance - Foliage, Flower, Scent and most importantly ease of growth providing a website range of perennials, shrubs & trees. Holywell Lane Plants is a garden centre you'll find at telford, Shropshire . You'll find an excellent range of plants within the garden centre, as well as many other gardening products. Our Address. 3 Holywell Ln, Lightmoor, Telford TF4 3QJ. Roses Weigela Red Prince Shrub (Large Plant) Colourful Red Flowers Supplied in a 3 Litre Pot. A gorgeous compact variety of this hardy shrub, has lush green foliage and delightful deep red tubular shaped flowers. This shrub grows into a tidy, rounded, dense plant to approx 2-3ft tall. Is easy to grow and maintain, will make an ideal plant in a..

Lavender is one of the most popular small garden shrubs. Plants have narrow, oily and aromatic evergreen leaves and bear dense spikes of small tubular flowers in summer. Lavandula stoechas is commonly referred to as French lavender. It's an aromatic dwarf shrub with narrow, greyish leaves, and bears dense, oval heads of small purple flowers. Top tip, prune hard in April, then plants will flower in early August. That's when Garden butterflies generally are at their peak emergence. July is a bit early. I tend to prune somewhere between Knee and waist height. Then by Summer plants reach 6-8 feet.(2-3m) Some of the cultivars in The National Collection at The Lavender Garden Adonis Blu Award-winner Lathyrus latifolius, commonly known as Everlasting Pea or Perennial Sweet Pea is a vigorous climbing perennial that produces racemes of 5-11 vibrant rose to white pea-like flowers, 1 in. across (2.5 cm). Blooming all summer, if not allowed to go to seed, the attractive blossoms are borne on winged stems clad with paired, blue-green leaflets bearing tendrils Medium Shrubs (3.5-5.5ft) Large shrubs (6-8ft) All Shrubs A-Z; Phormiums, Cordylines & Yuccas; Acers (Japanese Maples) Alpine & Rockery plants; Marginal Pond, bog and Aquatic Plants; Sundries (feeds, rootgrow, grass seed) Plant support - canes, stakes, tree ties; Pest Management; Plant Feed; Grass Seed & Feed; Rare plants; House Plants. Aloe.

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Growing lavender for profit can be a great way to turn your love of herbs and gardening into an solid income from selling lavender plants and the value-added products you can make. In many parts of the world, such as the Provence region of France, lavender has been grown commercially for centuries. In North America, [ Lavender Care. Soil Lavender plants and rosemary plants require well-drained neutral to alkaline soil, although Lavandula stoechas subsp. stoechas (which always grows in acid soil in the wild) and to a lesser extent Lavandula x intermedia, can thrive in slightly acid soil.If your soil is naturally good for growing rhododendrons and heathers add lime to raise the pH We have a brilliant new selection of mature shrubs, perennials and summer bedding plants to help you achieve the look you want, in a fraction of the time. These beautiful healthy plants are supplied in either 1 litre, 1.5 litre, 2 litre, 3 litre or 3.5 litre pots and are perfect for growing in patio containers or planting straight into the ground

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How to Grow Thunbergia Plants Guide to Growing Clockvine, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Brick and Butter Vine, Dolls Shoes, and Thunbergias. Thunbergia plants are half hardy climbing plants. They bloom from summer to autumn and usually carry flat or trumpet like flowers. The Thunbergia flowers may be white, yellow or orange, and often have a black centre Compact perennial plants that can be planted under taller plants add interesting layers to your garden and help to keep the weeds down. Although there are some shade ground cover perennials that bloom brilliantly without much sun, many rely more on foliage and color variations rather than flowers to create interest

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'Hidcote' - 2 Litre Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote produces dense spikes of fragrant, deep violet summer flowers above slender, aromatic, silvery-grey leaves. It is possibly the best lavender for edging paths and borders and produces a perfumed fragrance when you brush against it Call us 9am-5pm | 01384 401996 to see how we can help. Hydrangeas have become a growing passion at Ashwood and we are thrilled that our hydrangea exhibits at Chelsea and Gardeners World Live have been awarded Gold Medals. As well as cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla and serrata, we also offer a superb selection of other hydrangea species and. If a plant lacks magnesium, this is shown by lightening of all leaves or needles: the green leaf veins then stand out from the yellow spaces between the leaves. A quick remedy is then provided by fertilising the leaves with magnesium sulphate, also known as Epsom salt. This Epsom salt is dissolved in water according to the manufacturer's. Lavender essential oil, in contrast to the plant form, is toxic when swallowed. Uses Share on Pinterest Lavender can be distilled into an essential oil, and has a range of medical applications

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With the differences in sizes and shapes there is a shrub that will suit any garden, taste or space that you may have! ! Bulk Plant Offer - Cornus Mixed 3L - 3 for £19! ! Bulk Plant Offer - Euonymus Green Spire 19cm - 4 for £26! Our Price £26.00. ! Bulk Plant Offer - Laurel 3.5L - 4 for £35! Our Price £6.99 or English lavender. It is hardy to Zone 5 and often blooms twice in one season. There are hundreds of varieties of English lavender available depending on the color and size of plant desired. The second is a hybrid of L. angustifolia and L. latifolia. It is commonly referred to as a lavandin. Lavandins are generally larger plants that bloom. Most fruiting plants prefer full sun (six hours of direct sun per day in midsummer) or cropping will be reduced otherwise. South-facing walls can be used to great effect to grow exotic plants such as grapes or train a fruit tree. Ornamental plants will be fine in semi-shade (three to six hours of direct sunlight per day)