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Steel Beam Sizes Table. Below is a list of common universal (rsj) beams that are commonly used in domestic properties. Depth. (mm) Width. (mm) Weight per metre. (kg/m) 152x89x16 UB p16 - Advance® UK Beams British Steel, the only UK manufacturer of structural sections, is BES 6001 certified, guaranteeing commitment to responsibly sourced materials. Our structural sections are CE marked and tested to the highest standards, providing quality and assurance for the UK construction market

Lintel Load Span Tables For Beginners Stressline Limited. Strength And Ductility Of Steel Cold Formed Section Beam To Column. Optimum Design Of Cold Formed Steel Beams Using Particle Swarm. READ Southwest Car Seat Bag. Span Tables For Lvl. How Much Does A Standard Construction I Beam Weigh Quora. READ Britax B Safe 35 Car Seat Installation Here you'll find dimensions for all UK Universal Beam steel sections described by the Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition (also known as The Blue Book). Sort the table below according to any property and select a CAD file to download using the reference links in the left-most column

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2 Using Figure 1, determine the area supported by the beam(s). 3 Check the span of the beam(s). 4 Use Table 4 to determine a suitable steel section size. 5 Check whether padstones are required by Table 5. 6 If steel beam-to-steel beam connections are required, use Appendix 6.5-C. Figure 1 - Effective areas supported by steel beams Rsj Beam Span Tables Uk. October 21, 2018 - by Arfan - Leave a Comment. The mathematics of simple beam deflection 6 4 12 joists connected to steel nhbc 6m span flat roof support beam diynot. I Joists Faqs. 6 4 8 Timber Joist Spans Nhbc Standards 2020. Beam And Block Load Span Tables Stressline Limited

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The size of the steel beam you will require will depend primarily on two factors; 1. The length of the steel beam. 2. The weight that the steel beam is required to support. In a domestic property the steel may be required to support the load from a range of different structural elements, these may include; a flat or sloping (pitched) roof. Structural steel beam span chart page 1 line 17qq structural steam beam how to residential steel beam span table page 1 line 17qq steel beam span tables page 1 line 17qq 2021 steel beam s install support lvl vs wood. Related. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search for: Latest Uniformly Loaded Simple Beam Steel I Beams. Span of Beam (inches) Tributary width (inches) Uniform Load(pounds/square foot) e.g. 40/10=50psf: Yield Strength of Steel (KSI) e.g. 36 or 50: Select Beam

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  1. imum end bearing length of 0.1m at both ends, you would work out the effective span length as follows
  2. The properties of the beam and section are specified by typing directly into the input fields. Length of Beam is the total including all spans of the beam, in mm or ft.. Young's Modulus is set to a default value of 200,000 MPa or 29000 ksi for structural steel, but can be edited by the user.. Area of the Cross-Section is specific to the beam section selected, and is defaulted to the values.
  3. w = load on beam (10.2 kN in your case) L = span of beam E = Young's modulus for steel (205 kN/mm2) I = second moment of area of beam (834 cm^4 for 152x89x16 UB) In your case this gives 1.0 mm deflection which is span/2350 therefore deflection is not a problem
  4. design aspects for construction - composite steel framed structures 54 Table C.1 - Office floors. Standard Offices Q = 3 + 1.5 Premium Grade Offices Q = 4 + 1.5 Span Spacing Beam Camber Nos studs Nat. Fn Beam Camber Nos studs Nat. Fn (m) (m) 300PLUS (mm) per beam Hz 300PLUS (mm) per beam Hz Secondary Beams 8 2.8 310UB40.4 30 21 6.4 310UB40.4.
  5. Select the lightest 8-inch deep, simply supported ERW HSS beam of Fy = 50 ksi (ASTM A500 Gr. C) to span 8 feet and support a maximum factored uniform load of 52 kips (includes the estimated weight of the HSS beam). The beam is laterally supported for its entire length. Enter the Fy = 50 ksi load tables for the 8-in. deep rectangular an
  6. Span Tables for Domestic Floor Joists (to BS 5268-7.1) Note: Our floor joist span tables are based on loadings given in the newer, amended version of BS 6399-1 . This means that some values are slightly more conservative than span tables from other sources if those do not include the amended guidance

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In the scheme design of uniformly loaded steel beams, sections with a span/depth ratio of 18 to 20 are typically used, i.e. for a span of 8 m, the steel beam will be approximately 450 mm deep. The table gives typical span-to-depth ratios for various types of beams used in different floor systems. Primary beams span between columns and secondary. Metal Web Joist Span Table. Joists are most commonly used at 600mm centres, but can span further at 400mm centres - why not use our joist span table to help you calculate the possibilities? 219mm deep joists can span up to 5.59m for domestic use at 400mm centres. 253mm deep joists can span up to 6.15m for domestic use at 400mm centres This first load span table is for a standard 50mm cavity lintel. The second table is for a 50mm composite extra heavy duty (CXHD) lintel. Let's assume you need a 900mm lintel, you would look at the details of the first column of each of the two tables. A 900mm SL50 has a height of 95mm, and weighs 6.2kg per metre

Solved Specify A Steel Beam With Span Of 6m The S Chegg. W Steel Beams Allowable Uniform Lo. Solved 10 1 Select The Lightest Wide Steel Beam Chegg. Timber Steel Framing Manual Floor Beam Design Single Span. Structural Steam Beam How To. Floor To Beam Es Esgram. Load Tables. Powerspan L2 Steel Lintel 2000psi Load Tables Design of long span beams. The use of long span beams results in a range of benefits, including flexible, column-free internal spaces, reduced foundation costs, and reduced steel erection times. Many long span solutions are also well adapted to facilitate the integration of services without increasing the overall floor depth.. The design of long span steel and (steel-concrete) composite beams. Other span tables are based on the guidance given in BS 5268-7.1 which is a uniformly distributed load of 1.5kN/m² for spans greater than 2400 mm and 3.6 kN load per metre width of floor for spans less than 2400 mm to ensure that very small joist sizes do not result from the calculations for smaller spans

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Bookshop: Eurocode 5 span tables. Now in its 4th edition, the TRADA Span Tables publication is a must for any designer or builder.. Easy to look up tables allow the reader to choose the size of solid softwood timber members necessary to give adequate support to floors, ceilings and roofs in dwellings The aim of presenting these tables is to provide the structural engineers with wide range of information required in designing steel structures. Previously, a steel designer had to search in many tables, handbooks, manuals, etc. to collect the necessary information needed to complete his/her design. These tables are divided into nine chapters The Free software is typically used by Steel Designers to design primary and secondary floor beams and rafters for commercial multi storey construction projects. The primary applications for FABSEC ® beams are for long span composite and non-composite construction, typical floor spans of 8-24 metres and roof spans up to 60 metres which give. I plan to install several 152x89x16kg steel Universal Beams in a house extension. I need a safe load table, but they do not seem to be available now. In the British Constructional Steel Work Assosciation handbook issue 4, which can be viewed online, page 210 shows a safe load table for Restrained beams In terms of sheer curiosity, the amount of span that an I-beam can offer can be as far as 75 meters (or around 246 feet) in length, if you have a 60-foot steel beam. That being said, there are always new advances when it comes to structural engineering, so while spans might be limited right now, there's no telling how far a beam will go in.

Eaves Beams raiSing your ExPECtationS and load taBlES www.albionsections.co.uk. 3 AS 2/2010 text text 4 zed section properties and dimensions 1 C section properties and dimensions 2 eaves beams properties and dimensions 3 eaves beams 4 purlins: sleeved system 5 - 9 purlins: double span butt joint system 10 - 12 purlins: heavy end bay system. SPAN TABLES C o n te n t P a g e / s Intro and general notes 1 - 2 Floor span tables 3 - 4 Flat roof span tables 5 - 8 Introduction: If you've had a quick scroll through this document and thought ' b l i me y, t h i s l o o ks co mp l e x! ', let's make an analogy to simplify it Video showing http://www.steelbeamcalculator.co.uk an online steel beam calculator being used to design steel beams BEAM DIAGRAMS AND FORMULAS 3-213 Table 3-23 Shears, Moments and Deflections 1. SIMPLE BEAM-UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED LOAD AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION . 3-214 DESIGN OF FLEXURAL MEMBERS Table 3-23 {continued) Shears, Moments and Deflections 4. SIMPLE BEAM-UNIFORM LOAD PARTIALLY DISTRIBUTE 1 cm2 = 102 mm2 = 10-4 m2 = 0.16 in2. 1 kg/m = 0.67 lb/ft. The standard method for specifying the dimensions of a standard hot rolled steel section includes using initials to designate the type of section, for example: UB 457 x 152 x 60, is a Universal Beam of nominal dimensions 457 mm deep, 152 mm wide and weight 60 kg/m

involved with hot rolled structural steel beams and engineered wood beams, LSB can provide significant time and installation cost advantages. The innovative, patented cold forming process gives (Span A + Span B) / 2 LSB® Span Table, Central Beam Supporting 1 Floor Notes: Deflection Limit: L/360 for live loads and L/240 for total load Invest in open spaces. The composite action between steel and concrete allows DELTABEAM ® to easily span over 10 meters between columns. Since DELTABEAM ® is often utilized to support prestressed hollow-core slabs, the spans perpendicular to the beam can even go beyond 14 meters. DELTABEAM ® Slim Floor Structure and its long spans allow you to create open spaces with grids of up to 12 x 16. If you need full design checks via AISC 360, NDS, ASD and LRFD for steel or wood beam design and you want to design your next beam in minutes, you might like our Beam Designer tool. Free AISC Steel and NDS Wood Beam Design Our goal with WebStructural is to give back to the engineering community by providing a free, cloud-based steel and wood. In addition, steel beams have less load carry capacity or stiffness when compared with the same height concrete beam. Plate Girder. A plate girder is a steel beam that used mainly in bridge construction. Those beams are customized types of steel beams. The customization is done based on the requirement of the project

Span tables Simply supported beams Basis of design Standards: BS EN 1990:2002+A1:2005 + NA BS EN 1991-1-1:2002 + NA BS EN 1991-1-3:2003 + NA BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A2:2014 + NA Strength class: GL30c acc. to BS EN 14080:2013 Dead loads: Roof: 0.7 kN/m2 on slope Floor: 0.5 kN/m2 Imposed loads: Roof: 0.6 kN/m2 on plan Floor: 1.5 kN/m2 Partitions: 0.5. Eurocode 3 (in accordance with the UK National Annex) BS EN 10365: 2017; Universal beams (UB) Universal beams (UB) View other structural sections (Eurocode 3): Universal columns (UC) Create excel spread sheet of table available from the Steel Tube Institute of North America. Tables for square and rectangular HSS are presented for Fy = 46 ksi and for Fy = 50 ksi. Separate tables are used for HSS sizes produced by the ERW and SAW manufacturing methods. Tables for round HSS are presented for Fy = 42 ksi, Fy = 46 ksi, and Fy = 50 ksi DESIGN DETAILS. Distance from roof beam to next roof support i.e the span of the rafter (or roof truss) from the roof beam to the next adjacent beam or wall. If this is checked, SpanMan will automatically add precamber to members longer than 6000 mm if it will result in a smaller size

Notes to Beam Span Tables 05 - 08 These span tables follow the principles of BS 5268-7 Spans have been limited to a maximum of 4.2 m. Longer spans can be calculated as appropriate. Spans less than 1.0 m have been omitted. A deflection limit of span/400 has been applied to limit movement and vibration in use Beam Span Chart Table The span of a beam is dependent on a few variables: The grade and species of lumber, size of lumber and the load it carries. Fewer posts on upper-level decks are typically more desirable to the occupants and this drives the use of larger framing materials for longer spans Our lightweight, quality products include long span steel beams, roof beams, floor beams, green roof systems, cantilevers and a wide choice of lattice beam systems. We deliver our solutions alongside a complete range of support services that are delivered by industry experts, and backed by a combined 200 years of experience SPAN TABLES Span tables can be used to determine the size of a timber member of a particular strength class required for a given span. They also tell you what the maximum spacing should be between each section or timber member SIZE OF JOISTS (mm) CLEAR SPAN C16 JOIST (M) CLEAR SPAN C24 JOIST (M) 47 X 95 47 X 120 47 X 145 47 X 170 47 X 195 47 X. *The floor self weight includes the weight of the beams and the concrete blocks. *The floor self weight includes the weight of the beams and the concrete blocks. Structural Performance Load-span Tables T008 310 310 T008 422 Finishes of 1.8kN/m2 Ref Self weight kN/m2 Imposed load in kN/m2 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 225mm Beam Maximum Clear Span (m

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Steel Stockholders and suppliers of structural sections and structural hollow sections. Head Office. Rainham office sales. +44 (0) 1708 558 211. sales@rainhamsteel.co.uk. Bury office sales. +44 (0) 161 796 2889. Scunthorpe office sales Here we have a very long pergola beam span of 20m. To shorten the span, install two additional posts to bring the centre distance to around a maximum of 10' (less if possible). So for this particular pergola we'd need to position posts at 5' in from the outside posts, giving the two 5' spaces and a 10' space in the middle The benefits of the steel beam calculator is now being experienced on hundreds of building projects across the UK and has been used by hundreds of users over the last 26 months, tried and tested. The free demo version allows users to design beams with a span length fixed at 1 metre Eaves Beam Load Tables Tables are provided for eaves beams for single and double span cases within the limits of the product. The tables are based on the assumption of restraining type roof cladding. It is assumed that horizontal wind forces are carried by the eaves beam and braces and hence into the roof diaphragm A 2-by-8 beam would be sufficient. How big of a LVL beam do I need? Design a beam depth based on the rule of thumb for estimating the depth of manufactured beams which is to divide the span by 20. Beam depths are typically 5 1/2 inches, 7 1/4 inches, 9 1/4 inches, 11 1/4 inches, 11 7/8 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches

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I had spans as great as 14 feet in my own basement using the 10x31 steel beams. Heavier beams can sometimes span greater distances between posts. An 8x35 steel beam can carry more weight than an 8x17. A structural engineer or savvy architect can refer to his steel-beam guide and determine all of this for you 1)put in a steel beam to split the span in half so I could then use 2x10's the span the 21' (10.5', 10.5') 2) use flitch beams running in the long direction to avoid using a beam. Problems with solution 1 include having to chop a lot into the existing ceiling and room below to put in the beam and a couple headers and a new footing and post Online Steel Beam Calculations W & S Beams, Standard Channels. Do you need a quick way to get your Steel Beam Calculations

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  1. Steel i beam span chart vatan vtngcf org solved specify a steel beam with span of 6m the s solved a simply supported steel beam will be to span beam and block load span tables stressline limited. Whats people lookup in this blog: Span Tables For Steel Beams; Span Tables For Steel Beams Australia; Span Tables For Steel Beams Uk; Span Tables For.
  2. Type Universal beam Section 178 x 102 x 19 UB Steel grade S275 Width b = 101 mm Depth h = 178 mm Web thickness t w = 4.8 mm Flange thickness t f = 7.9 mm Root radius r = 7.6 mm Mass per metre w = 19 kg/m Span and restraints Effective span L = 3,000 mm Buckling length L cr = 3,000 mm Deflection limits Variable action deflection limit Δ Q = L.
  3. steel beam span tables uk. Publicat în 31 decembrie 2020 de . Harley-davidson Street Rod, The properties of the beam and section are specified by typing directly into the input fields. Where Is The Best Place To Live In The World, The beam is laterally supported for its entire length. West Bromwich We use cookies
  4. Hollowcore Floors Load/Span Table. Largely because of fast on-site construction, Bison hollowcore floors are one of the most economic flooring solutions for the widest variety of situations including masonry, steel and concrete structures for retail, commercial and industrial buildings
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AS4100 gives suggestions on deflection limits for beams (Appendix B) but are not mandatory. In these tables the deflection limits for bearers and lintels are span/240 or 15mm for G+0.7Q and span/360 or 10mm for 0.7Q. The deflection limits for strutting beams are span/180 or 20mm for G+0.7Q and span/240 or 15mm for 0.7Q. Thes the UK and the Netherlands, they supply steel and related services to the construction, automotive, packaging, lifting & general design data and design tables. Generally the guidance is in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-1: 2005 . Eurocode 3: Design of A variety of beams and cantilevers wit span (L/24). Some people might find it easier to remember the following simpli-fied rule where the length is expressed in feet and the depth of the member in inches: Depth of Roof Beams, Roof Joists = 0.5*Length Depth of Floor Beams, Floor Joists = 0.6*Length Depth of Composite Beams = 0.55*Length System L/d s Span Range Steel Beam 20 to 28 0. Steel Stockholders and suppliers of structural sections and structural hollow sections. Head Office. Rainham office sales. +44 (0) 1708 558 211. sales@rainhamsteel.co.uk. Bury office sales. +44 (0) 161 796 2889. Scunthorpe office sales

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1.000 Mtr Length of 127 mm x 76 mm x 13mm Mild Steel Beams buy online for £24.96 including VAT teel Joist Span Tables are to be utilized in conjunction with the notes below. S pan Table Notes: 1.) Spans are based on continuous lateral support of the compression flange. 2.) Web crippling capacity is based on a minimum bearing length of 3.5. The minimum available TradeReady® rim track thickness is used. 3. RIDGE BEAM AND INTERMEDIATE ROOF BEAM 13 VERANDA BEAM SINGLE SPAN 14 VERANDA BEAM CONTINUOUS SPAN 15 LINTEL BEAM 16 FREE STANDING POSTS 17 w r i g h t f o r e s t p r o d u c t s 375 Wests Road | Werribee | VIC | 3030 | T: +61 (0)3 9741 5633 www.wrightforestproducts.com.au enquiries@wrightforestproducts.com.a Effective length parameters are given in Figure 3.1/Table 3.1 for beams and in Figure 3.2 for cantilevers P363 - Blue Book to EC3 Only other input required is the C1 factor, which is summarised in Table 6.4 of the Concise Eurocode Performance. The performance of the systems shown in this document has been derived by calculation in accordance with BS EN1993-1-3: 2006, calibrated and proven by full scale tests. Purlin load tables are valid up to and including 25° roof slopes. For slopes greater than 25 °, use our MetSPEC design software

CAD-Steel.co.uk - Free Structural Steel CAD Downloads. Welcome to www.cad-steel.co.uk - your number one CAD data resource for all steel sections described by document Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition (Also known as The Blue Book) These steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties. The steel beam sizes shown are the height in mm (the web) x the width in mm (the flange) x the weight per metre in kilograms, the height and width are measured as if looking at a capital I, hence also being known as I beam width of the beam. • This table was designed to apply to a broad range of applications. It may be possible to exceed the limitations of this table by analyzing a specific application with the BC CALC® software. BOISE GLULAM® Beams Roof Load Tables Span [ft] 24F-V4 Grade - 115% Load Duration In pounds per lineal foot (PLF) Span Type 3½ 5

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Castellated Beam Section Properties Table. Posted on January 23, 2020 by Sandra. Optimum design of castellated beams e dimensions of castellated beam civil ering journal side view and cross sectional castellated beams with 9m span. Optimum Designs Of The Castellated Beams With 8m Span Table. Dimensions And Notation Of Castellated Steel Beams. Hi-SPAN is one of the UK's leading suppliers of Cold Rolled Products with over 55 years experience within construction industry. Hi-Span offer a range of Purlins, Rails, Channels and Eaves Beams designed for use in a range of situations. Not only does Hi-Span offer a fully comprehensive range of sections but also the facility to manufacture. steel beam ˜anges or shelf angle and concrete. Load-span tables Load-span Tables Finishes of 2.1kN/m2 Ref Weight kN/m2 Characteristic imposed load kN/m2 0.75 1.5 2 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 5.0 10.0 15.0 brochure range, visit bison.co.uk 05/2019 Forterra is a leading manufacturer of a divers

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UNIVERSAL BEAMS AVAILABLE STOCK LENGTHS 127x76x13Kg/m 9.5m 12.2m 152x89x16Kg/m 11.8m 12.2m 13m 14m 15.3m 178x102x19Kg/m 10.1m 11m 12.2m 13m 14m 15.3m 203x102x23Kg/m 8m 10.1m 11m 12.2m 13m 14m 15.3m 17.5m 203x133x25Kg/m 8.1m 9.2m 10.1m 11m 12.2m 13m 14m 15.3m 16.5m 203x133x30Kg/m 8m 9.2m 10.1m 11m 12.2m 13m 14m 15.3m 16.5m 18.3m 254x102x22Kg/m 12.2m 12.5m 15.5m 254x102x25Kg/m 12.2m 14m 15.5m. Metals Depot stocks a wide range of steel beam sizes for thousands of applications. Shop online for standard or cut to size lengths at wholesale steel beam prices. We also offer a selection of Galvanized Steel Beams. Just give us a call if you need something special. Note: Steel Beams may have areas with minor surface rust scale or. Founded in 1958, IG Lintels is a division of Europe's largest manufacturer of steel lintels and masonry support systems. IG Lintels design, manufacture and supply high quality steel lintels throughout Europe. Learn more To calculate beam span, you need to consider the wood species and grade, size of the beam, and the joist span. Below are some common beam span values from Table R507.5 of the 2018 IRC: 2×6 (double) - Joist span of 6 feet allows a beam span of 6 feet 11inch, 18 feet requires 4 feet eve

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Altogether seven box-beams were fabricated for testing. They comprised three beams of 5.4 m and four of 7.2 m lengths as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Only two beams of each type were tested in accordance with design load as in Table 1, while the other beams were tested with different design loads We pride ourselves on delivering high quality steel Z Purlins at a low cost. Over our many years of manufacturing we have perfected our versatile and adaptable galvanised Z Purlin beams, which can be safely and conveniently attached to the roof and wall cladding sheets of most buildings. Strong and lightweight our Z purlins are great at providing a sturdy and complete structural solution This span table excerpt shows two possible sizes of built-up floor beams (2 X 10 and 2 X 12). The full table shows more lumber sizes. It also shows the maximum that the beam can span for various numbers of such pieces of lumber built together (this is indicated by 3-ply, 4-ply and 5-ply). A 3-ply with 2 X 10s would mean that three 2 X 10s are. The Boxspan floor frame can easily be designed to support any flooring. Boxspan flooring comes with all necessary components, just like a kit, for easy installation. Boxspan is a substitute to timber, eliminating the concern of termites. Boxspan is a light beam with the strength of steel but versatility of timber. View COLORBOND ® steel colours

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Composite beams' fire performance - Even for two hours fire rating, the top flange of the steel beam does not require fire protection when used with MetFloor® 55 composite deck. Under floor services - Services are easy to attach to MetFloor® 55, with the ribs presenting a dovetailed recessed groove in the concrete slab at 152.5mm to. User S Steel Castellated Beam Definition. Optimum Designs Of The Castellated Beams With 9 M Span Table. Optimum Designs Of The Castellated Beams With 4m Span Table. Castellated Beams. Optimum Design Of Castellated Beams With Posite Action And Semi Rigid Connection Springerlink

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Tables 5 and 6 provide a convenient means of checking a CP114 design to the CP110 criteria. NOTE: For spans over 10m, these should be reduced by a factor of 10m/span. NOTE: Where compression steel is present, its resistance moment may be deducted in calculating M/bd ² for deflection, provided the resulting M/bd ² is not less than 1.5. Load Tables. Inverted Tee Beam 20 X 16-20-24.pdf. Inverted Tee Beam 40 X 28-32-36.pdf. Inverted Tee Beam 30 X 16-20-24.pdf. Inverted Tee Beam 30 X 28-32-36.pdf. Inverted Tee Beam 40 X 16-20-24.pdf. Inverted Tee Beam 40 X 28-32-36.pdf. Thank you for your interest in including Spancrete products in your upcoming project They eventually replaced many uses for castellated beams, though they are still used for over a fifth of the long-span construction projects in the UK and beyond! Design Guide 31 One of the reasons that both castellated and cellular beams are prominent once again is Design Guide 31 The longer the joist span above a beam, the fewer the total number of beams and, therefore the more weight the beam must carry. In the example above, the maximum span of a beam shrinks to 5 feet 8 inches for joists that span 8 feet. Keep in mind that to use 2x dimensional lumber as a beam, it should be bolted together with an identical piece of.

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The rules in AS 4100 are documented in the Design Capacity Tables for Structural Steel Hollow Sections published by the Australian Institute of Steel Construction (AISC 1992). In limit states design of steel beams to AS4100-1990 (SAA 1990), the capacity L is the beam span, I is the second moment of area and Es is the average of the. Strong long span composite profile for non-composite beams ComFlor® 100 is a strong long span profile that reduces or eliminates temporary propping irrespective of the frame design. It provides a composite floor slab and is suitable for use with concrete beams or non-composite steel beams..

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