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  1. iscent to EMD's E-units. It was designed to replace aging DC-traction units, such as the C44-9W, while still giving the benefits of six-axle AC traction. BNSF Railway was the first customer for this type, ordering an initial 25 units numbered 6600.
  2. ES44C4: One of GE's last cataloged model was a variant, the ES44C4. It was purchased by BNSF, totaling 1,119 units, and Florida East Coast Railway (24 units). The design featured an A1A-A1A truck setup, meaning that the center axle is not powered
  3. I don't think my whole roster costs $994! That said -a beautiful piece of hardware! Mike Bannon St Catharines, ON [ Reply To This Message ] Date: 02/23/11 14:12 Overland Models BNSF ES44C4 Author: Red_over_Yellow. cf7 Wrote: ----- > For $994.00 you think they could at least mount.
  4. GE ES44C4 - 94 of 1249 units Road Numbers Builder Date Date Date Disposition Notes BNSF Number Built Rebuilt Retire

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As of 2020, BNSF Railway currently rosters Present 1200 ES44C4 units. The 4200's and units 7921-7999 are certified as Tier 4 Credit units, while the others are Tier 2 or Tier 3. It is speculated that as many as 288 more units are on order, to be numbered 5547-5599, 6439-6499, 8292-8317, and 8600-8748 Road # Model # of units last update ----- ----- ----- ----- 90-98 FP45 0 of 4 as of xx/xx 100-162 GP60M 18 of 61 as of 12/12 168-170 GP60 9 of 43 as of 3/20 325-347 GP60B 6 of 23 as of 10/07 500-582 B40-8W 23 of 83 as of 6/19 599-799 C44-9W 577 of 1798 as of 4/20 800-926 C40-8W 13 of 127 as of 12/13 927-951 C41-8W 1 of 25 as of 2/15 960-1123 C44-9W 577 of 1798 as of 4/20 1200-1203 MK1200G 0 of. bnsf 4200-4299 es44c4 (t4c) ge 2016-2017 bnsf 4300-5532 c44-9w ge 1997-2004 bnsf 5533-5546 es44c4 (t4c) ge 2017 bnsf 5600-5717 ac4400cw ge 1999-2004 bnsf 5718-5837 es44ac ge 2004-2005 bnsf 5838-5840 ac4400cw ge 2004 bnsf 5844-6438 es44ac ge 2005-2009 bnsf 6500-7199 es44c4 ge 2013 bnsf 7200-7920 es44dc ge 2005-2010 bnsf 7921-7999 es44c4 (t4c) ge. BNSF Railway Photographic Roster : Reporting Marks: BNSF Old Name: Burlington Northern Santa Fe : Click on a locomotive to view pictures Show All thumbs; BNSF Rolling Stock; Unit # Notes Model Serial # Pictures : BNSF 6608 : ES44C4 59727: 1: 118070: BNSF 6609 : ES44C4 59728: 2: 118177: BNSF 6611 : ES44C4 59730: 1: 118134: BNSF 6612 : ES44C4.

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  1. Roster,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 8399(ES44C4) BNSF 9716(SD70MAC) Views: 72 Comments: 2: Title: BNSF 6847 : Description: A pair of pumpkins lead an empty U707 sand train out of Shops Yard and northward on the Neenah Sub : Photo Date: 6/7/2017 Upload Date: 12/16/2017 9:17:44 PM : Location: North Fond du Lac, WI
  2. BNSF's MTGDYJ-17 (Manifest Teague, TX-Dayton, TX.) heads east on UP's Houston Sub. at Fauna on the eastside of Houston. Photo Date: 3/18/2016 Upload Date: 8/28/2016 10:11:51 PM : Location: Houston, TX : Author: Doug Wooten: Categories: Roster,RollingStock,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 7988(ES44C4) Views: 53 Comments:
  3. BNSF 7799. Description: BSNF 7799 #2 power in a WB doublestack at 1102AM. Photo Date: 1/19/2015 Upload Date: 1/19/2015 11:13:07 PM. Location: Willard, NM. Author: Ernie Leggett
  4. Ex-ATSF and ex-BN. 3190 is off the roster. 3119, 3121, 3128, 3132, 3133, and 3158 are in BN paint. 3167, 3176, 3185, and 3189 are in ATSF Bluebonnet paint. 3250-3299 ES44C4
  5. 185 Units Active (5 of those are currently stored) Norfolk Southern ES44AC Heritage Locomotives. Click here for roster information and photo pages. for the NS GE ES44AC locomotives painted in. special heritage paint schemes. This roster compiled and maintained by Chris R. Toth . Roster last updated on July 5, 2021

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  1. Unit # Notes Model Serial # Pictures : BNSF 3187: Ex-ATSF: GP50 796317-11: 3: 36986: BNSF 3191: Ex-ATSF: GP50 796317-15: 6: 36983: BNSF 3192: Ex ATSF 383
  2. Locomotives: BNSF 6975(ES44C4) Author: Walt Sharp: Picture Categories: Roster,Transit,Action: This picture is part of album: 2021 BNSF Strong City Subdivision: Share User Comments No Comments on this picture. Add a Comment: Please Log in to leave a Comment
  3. BNSF 7000-7999. From RailroadfanWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Numbers Model Notes 7000-7199 ES44C4 7200-7920 ES44DC 7348-7352 are Tier III Compliant. 7553 wrecked. 7673 off the roster. 7838, 7847, and 7907 retired. 7695 is the Golden Swoosh 7921-7999 ES44C4
  4. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Roster Summary. Thedieselshop.us DA: 16 PA: 10 MOZ Rank: 26. ES44C4 T4 Credit locos 4200--4224 64496-64520 2017--4225--4299 Michael Richmond has collected the data for several major updates to serial numbers and builder dates throughout the BNSF roster; Table Z data was prepared by Marlin Thorman; Burlington Northern & Santa Fe 1996 Motive Power Annual by Bill.
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A roster of all the locomotives, maintenance of way equipment and rolling stock on www.rgusrail.com. BNSF GE ES44C4 #6620 BNSF GE ES44C4 #6643 BNSF GE ES44DC #5086 BNSF GE ES44DC #7210 BNSF GE ES44DC #7212 BNSF GE ES44DC #7221 BNSF GE ES44DC #7224 BNSF GE ES44DC #722 Locomotives: BNSF 7148(ES44C4) Author: Frederick S. Goethel: Picture Categories: Roster,RollingStock,Action: This picture is part of album: BNSF Barstow Yard: Share User Comments No Comments on this picture. Add a Comment: Please Log in to leave a Comment

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© Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. #footer_privacy_policy | #footer. BNSF 8343 leads a westbound intermodal train at Hodgkins, IL. Photo Date: 5/2/2017 Upload Date: 5/1/2019 3:19:25 PM : Location: Hodgkins, IL : Author: Rev. Jeremy Heilman: Categories: Locomotives: BNSF 8343(ES44C4) BNSF 3865(ET44C4) BNSF 7240(ES44DC) BNSF 7472(ES44DC) BNSF 5353(C44-9W) Views: 53 Comments:

BNSF 8048 : Description: BNSF 8048 heads east in the evening : Photo Date: 3/29/2019 Upload Date: 3/31/2019 9:25:46 PM : Location: Lind, WA : Author: J Fischer: Categories: Roster,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 8048(ES44C4) KCS 4182(SD70ACe) NS 7640(ES44DC) Views: 85 Comments: The radiator section is larger than the standard BNSF Dash9's or AC4400CW's, more similar in size to an ES44AC (e.g., see BNSF #6984, an ES44C4, just to the right of BNSF #5738). It was built in 2003, though, and to my knowledge, BNSF didn't start using ES GEVOs until ~2005

The BNSF computer shows this engine rebuilt from former BNSF 6507, but that core was actually used for the 1315. Lease Units - BNSF continues to lease units from CP. There are actually 4 more on lease this month. Four more AC4400CWs (9506, 9511, 9543 and 9550) are now on lease, making a total of 63 CP engines BNSF 4395, a suctom numbered ScaleTrains C44-9W behind. Roster of BNSF 3751: Crossing the hige bridge over Esperanza Canyon: BNSF 6916 (InterMountain ES44C4) leading a Boeing train. The Boeing 737 fuselage cars (from Protoloads.com) navigating mountain curves: The tunnel has been approved for 737s! The ES44C4 duo exits the tunnel now Roster,Transit,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 6755(ES44C4) BNSF 4279(ES44C4) BNSF 6752(ES44C4) Views: 2 Comments: 0: Title: BNSF 6755/4279/6752 Categories: Roster,Transit,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 6755(ES44C4) BNSF 4279(ES44C4) BNSF 6752(ES44C4) Views: 1 Comments: 0: Title: BNSF 6755/4279/6752 : Description: Photo Date: 7/8/2021 Upload Date: 7/8. Four models in the Series were produced for the North American market, the ES40DC, ES44DC, ES44AC and ES44C4, all with a low emission four-stroke diesel engine. The ES44DC replaced the Dash 9-44CW model in GE's locomotive roster, and are similar in appearance to the Dash 9 and AC4400CW, although small differences are evident guys will enjoy! Train 1: Eastbound BNSF EAS - 7/16/19 BNSF 4258 ES44C4 (Leader) BNSF 6692 ES44C4 Train 2 Railfanning Around The BNSF Springfield Division! 7/16-22/19 Well, a reader named Phoebe researched back issues of a publication called All Aboard, which is the Page 12/2

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BNSF ES44C4 Roster, www.trainpix.com ATSF B23-7 Reference Roster, Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society AT&SF Railway 1995 Motive Power Fleet, Great Northern Pacific Publications, 2010, p Details about Original slide- BNSF ES44C4 #8166 H3 Roster View. Original slide- BNSF ES44C4 #8166 H3 Roster View. Seller information. cajon57x . 100% Positive Feedback. Save this seller. See other items. Item information. Condition: New. Ended: 20 Dec, 2015 22:28:07 GMT. Winning bid: US $4.25

BNSF Roster List Road No. Qty Model Notes 100-162 59 GP60M Ex-ATSF; Units #142, 144, 148, and 152 off roster 168 2 GP60 Ex-Helm 7700 < nee Tex Mex 869;... GE Evolution Series Global Platfor GE GEVO ES44C4. 6773BNSF; 6916BNSF; GE GEVO ET44C4. 9314BNSF; GE AC6000. 5838BNSF; 5840BNSF; 6440BNSF; 6441BNSF; GE B40-8W. 557BNSF; 0BNSF; GE U30C PHASE II. 1776BN Bicentenial; NRE. NRE GENSET 3GS21B. BNSF Roster 1; BNSF Roster 2; BNSF Railwayim Modellbau - BNSF ROSTER 2. Roster. BNSF ROSTER 2 Motive Power Roster Ein weiterer Roster. Martin Baumann. Apr 20 #118790. Are BNSF 70 and 71 ex Amtrak 39940 and 39957 or the other way round? (Hilevel Coach ex ATSF 700 and 717) BNSF purchased Baggage Cars 1253 and 1260 from Amtrak. What numbers do these have in the BNSF roster? (1253 ex Amtrak 1152 ex ATSF 3663; 1260 ex Amtrak 1155 ex ATSF 3667) Thanks, Martin Baumann

UP 4443, BNSF 248 and NS 6915 on an oil train through Savanna, and its the same consist I caught a week later in Oregon. Photo Date: 3/28/2014 Upload Date: 4/5/2014 3:18:24 PM : Location: Savanna, IL : Author: Trevor Young: Categories: Roster,Bridge,Signal,Action: Locomotives: UP 4443(SD70M) BNSF 248(SD75M) NS 6915(SD60E) Views: 222 Comments: Over 2 million railroad and train related photographs from all over the US. We also have an interactive railroad Map

PHL's 1000 BNSF Dock Job crew yards an inbound train at the Mediterranean Shipping terminal at Pier A in Long Beach, with an array of containers and cranes in the background. Railroad: BNSF Railway Locomotive: GE ES44C4 Location: Long Beach, California, USA Locomotive #: BNSF 7001 Train ID: PHL YPBN10 08 Photo Date: May 08, 201 BNSF Railway #8029 ES44C4. BNSF Railway #8029 ES44C4. Regular price $1.50. BNSF Railway #8543 SD70ACe. BNSF Railway #8543 SD70ACe. Regular price $2.00. BNSF Railway #8732 GP60. BNSF Railway #8732 GP60. Regular price $1.00. BNSF Railway #8868 SD70MAC. BNSF Railway #8868 SD70MAC. Regular price $2.00. BNSF Railway #9828 SD70MAC BNSF 4530 leads a trio of GEs at Fairburn on May 8, 2015. A 4-pack of GEs head west with a Q-train. A line of engines serviced and ready for assignment waits in First Street Yard, Newton KS. BNSF 4530 heads east out of Ethel, Mo. on the BNSF Marceline Sub. with the Z-LPKWSP7 26 and some help from an NS ACe Roster,Yard: Locomotives: BNSF 1031(C44-9W) BNSF 1875(SD40-2) BNSF 9735(SD70MAC) BNSF 3140(GP50) BNSF 1553(SD9) BNSF 1205(GG20B) TFM 1623(SD70MAC) BNSF 5867(ES44AC) BNSF 961(C44-9W) BNSF 7108(ES44C4) BNSF 972(C44-9W) BNSF 1028(C44-9W) BNSF 8030(ES44C4) BNSF 3733(ET44C4) Views: 714 Comments:

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  1. BNSF 7463 : Description: S LPCLGB1-30 With BNSF 7740 & BNSF 7463 on the point. BNSF 7466 is the rear DPU with 87 Loads, 7263 Tons 7946 Feet. BNSF 7740 was put on in Barstow, something happened to the original leader BNSF 7467. It would had been nice to see another solid new set. Photographed at 16:27
  2. g out of the yard. Description: Photo Date: 3/18/2010 Upload Date: 4/3/2010 2:54:46 PM : Location: Donkey Creek Yard, Wy, WY : Author: PAUL KEOGH: Categories: Locomotives: BNSF 6374(ES44AC) Views
  3. Title: BNSF 4024 : Description: BNSF Steel Gang moves south for the Winter : Photo Date: 11/28/2014 Upload Date: 11/30/2014 3:21:25 PM : Location: La Crosse, WI.
  4. Title: CN 3869 : Description: Heading east. Photo Date: 5/22/2019 Upload Date: 5/27/2019 10:57:36 PM : Location: Durand, MI : Author: Nicholas Katz: Categories.
  5. Pictures of UP 5823, Model: AC44CWCTE. Title: UP 5823 : Description: On the day that it was announced EJ&E was being taken over by CN sometime next year, the trains continue to roll down the J
  6. All Aboard Bnsf Springfield Division - dbnspeechtherapy.co.za All Aboard Bnsf Springfield Division looking for All Aboard Bnsf Springfield Division do you really need this pdf All Aboard Bnsf Springfield Division it takes me 14 hours just to obtain the right download link, and another 6 hours to validate it. internet Related searche

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