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Best Vastu Tips for Happy Home Right Direction for the Entrance. It is believed that the main entrance of the house is its most significant part. When designed as per Vastu, it brings immense happiness and prosperity to everyone living in the house. The ideal direction for the entrance is in the north or east direction, with the door opening. You just have to know the right place to put it. It should be placed in the strategic location in the house, like the center of the home, specific room or even an energetic key point. Consult an expert who will suggest the right location for pyramid in your home. Check out the Vastu colours for happy homes: 8 Vastu colours for a happy home Vastu Shastra comes with additional rules for the state of all the rooms in the house. Ensure the rooms in your home follow straight lines and are in a square or rectangular shape. Avoid using any furniture or room that is circular as it is not suitable as per Vastu. Rectangle-shaped room as per Vastu Vastu for Home: Tips for a Happy, Positive, and Ideal Home At the point when we plan for home makeovers, our point is to make a space that reflects our personal habits and style. Regardless of whether it's maximalist and super stylish or practical and utilitarian, the fundamental reason behind our plans is to bring happiness to space we live. All it takes is a Vastu expert and a few little arrangements and alignments of the items to give the house a Vastu-touch. These are a few tips for you to make your house an ideal abode: The Living Room: This is the only space in the house that serves as an open playground to a variety of energies entering your home

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  1. Why is Vastu Shastra important? Vastu Shastra is the 'Science of Architecture'. In the physical world, the most important aspect is geometric perfection. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science from India, which describes the design principles, measurements, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Yogic Scienc
  2. Vastu tips for placing plants and flowers in your home By inspiring young ones, I think my purpose to climb Everest has been served: Arjun Vajpai, India's first professional mountaineer 10.
  3. Vastu Tips for Improving Family Relationships Place happy pictures of your family in the Northeast of your house to bring happiness in your life. If the relationship among the family members in the house are tensed in any sense, placing a white sandalwood statue at a place where you can view it multiple times passing by it, will help ease the.
  4. Vastu for a Positive Home. For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. According to a number of traditional beliefs, each home comes with its own energy type. A person dwelling in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field, which in turn influences him in one way or the other
  5. Vastu Do's and Don'ts. Do Enhance the East: Vastu states that Indra, The King of Gods, rules the East and so that direction must be looked after well to appease him. Keeping the rooms in this direction neat, clean, well ventilated and lit will ensure prosperity. Do's for installing a name plate: When installing a name plate, fix it at the.
  6. Following Vastu Shastra accurately brings blissful harmony, peace, and prosperity in a person's life. Behind each Vastu tip is a profound logical explanation and it turns out to be increasingly profitable to follow. Today we will talk about 10 Vas..

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7 Vastu Tips For Your Happy Home Vastu is an ancient study of science of architecture which helps us in making way for positive energies. The concept using its five key elements known as Paanchbhootas tells us how to draw benefits from the things that surrounds us Mirrors have played an essential role in Vastu tips Literature since the beginning of time. Placing a mirror in the right place is a great solution to promote positivity in the home. The two most essential things in installing a mirror are: never stick it directly to the main door and make sure the mirror in the bedroom doesn't reflect the bed Effective Vastu Tips For A HOME SWEET HOME Main Door. First of all, let's talk about the main door of the house. From the main gate of any house comes both happiness and sorrow. However, making some changes at the main door of the house can invite both happiness and positivity to your home

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the northeast direction. So, it represents good fortunes, growth, expansion. Thus north east direction will always be regarded as a prime direction while analyzing Vastu for any home or plot. For Complete Vastu Advice for Homes Offices Factories. Vastu Expert Consultant - 9082854461 Mumbai INDIA Here are 20 tips for a healthy, happy atmosphere according to Vastu: Vastu Tips for Kitchen. To have a Vastu-approved kitchen; key elements are the colour scheme and the direction. While the south-east direction of the kitchen is considered idyllic, bright colour combinations help activate the fire elements Having understood the things that you need to - and must - avoid in your home, here's the list of vastu tips that you must follow for a peaceful married life. Vastu Tips for a Peaceful Married Life - What to Follow. Sleep in South-West or South bedroom. Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colors Vastu Tips: Those who have these 4 habits, never have money. Maa Lakshmi is considered to be of fickle nature. It is said that Maa Lakshmi never stays near one place or one person. It is said that where Goddess Lakshmi does not reside, there comes poverty. That is why it is necessary to remain happy for Maa Lakshmi Vastu is strictly followed in houses that welcome newlyweds—from determining the direction of the bedroom to choosing the curtain colour and wall painting. Here are some Vastu tips for the home that newlyweds can follow to ensure a happy married life

Vastu tips for Happy home, vastu that can change your life, to improve your home problems u must ha to know about vastu knowledge Home Life What are the best Vastu tips for a happy home? Life Vastu Tips. What are the best Vastu tips for a happy home? by Puja July 28, 2020. Puja July 28, 2020. Share This Article. 0. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Tumblr Reddit Whatsapp Telegram. Overview. Nowadays, ready-to-move-in houses have high demand. It has all the advantages. 8 Powerful Vastu Tips For A Prosperous & Happy Home Editor , 3 days ago 4 min read 79 Wherever you go, you would definitely miss the particular comfort of your home and you feel it right from your heart

Know detailed information about commercial Vastu. Vastu Shastra and your home flooring. One should always adhere to the Vastu tips recommended by Vastu Shastra for the flooring to keep negativity at bay. Always try to keep the flooring material even for the entire house. This invites positivity A few tips on Vastu for South Facing Home. Put the front door on the third or fourth pada of Vrithatha or Gruhakshat. Place the bedroom on the north or east side. Ensure that the sloping area is sloping from south to north (if the area is sloping). Move the kitchen to the southeast corner, then the northwest corner Vastu is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of earth, water, air, space and fire. Happy life can be achieved through following principles of Vastu in correct way which also promote peace and prosperity among members of family. Vastu is the encompassing and inquisitive science of directions and placement that help achieving happiness, peace, prosperity and.

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Planning to decorate your home on Diwali? This time make sure you add décor items that enhance the Vastu of your home. According to the ancient study of architecture Vastu, there are home décor items that can help you improve your finances and bring home wealth and prosperity and there could be no better occasion than Diwali to commence this new journey Here is a list of tips for doing Vastu for your home that must be followed to bring abundance and joy to your abode: Change the colors of the walls - By choosing vibrant, energetic and cool shades of colors, you can make your home pleasant to the eyes as well as the soul. Put beautiful paintings on the wall - You can decorate your home with.

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  1. Picked for you: How Bedroom Decor Can Make You happy. Vastu for home entrance. As per Vastu, the main entrance of the house is actually the entry and the exit of all the energies. All the good luck and positive energies come through your main entrance. So, it is always better to design your main door as per Vastu
  2. Vastu Tips For Home #7: Keep Things Sparkling Clean. Since cleanliness is always helpful in maintaining the flow of good energies, sparkling clean windows and doors attract positive energy at home and into your life. If possible, try installing a small water fountain near your window as well
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  4. The Puja involves placing the first brick of your home on the plot and worshipping the mother Earth to bless the family so that everyone can have a happy stay. Entrance: As per the Vastu Shastra, the main gate should always be East face

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  1. Vastu Tips - Bring Positive Energies, Prosperity, Happiness, and Wealth To Your Home. Vastu Sastra is known as one of the ancient guides for living a happy life at home. One can get all the positive energies, prosperity, happiness, and wealth in his life if the home is constructed and managed based on Vastu Shastra
  2. It is a fact that if you follow the Vaastu Shastra principles while constructing the house and keep the equipment in that house according to Vastu Tips, then family in that house will live happy with prosperity. Then you can say Home Sweet Home, With Happy FamilyOne can use the Vaastu Remedies about what not Vaastu Remedies for Happy Family Read More
  3. Keep the God happy and money will surely flow into the house. The best thing is that it is quite easy to keep Lord Kuber happy, just follow these simple Vastu tips. Whether it will please the God or not, well that will remain a mystery, but it will surely attract money into your home
  4. ate all kinds of negative energy and bring in positivity at home. Human beings are always concerned about bringing in prosperity to their homes and Vastu Shastra plays a huge role in that. Vastu helps us in identifying the right place for every nook and corner of our homes
  5. happy@home; Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth To Your Home; Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth To Your Home. Harini Balasubramanian December 31, 2020 (Shutterstock) Although it is often said that money cannot buy happiness, we cannot deny the fact that it does play an important role in our life. Finances help us get access to the basic needs and a.
  6. d, body and soul of the household. In order to benefit, it is important to design the puja room as per the principles of.
  7. You can come in touch with Vastu for home consultant to serve your needs. Vastu Shastra is the geographical alignment that follows the universal pattern. The more aligned your home is with the universe, the more positive energy your home will receive. Thus, this blog will guide you on the Vastu tips for a happy home

Looking for children health vastu tips. How our kid's health improved with vastu tips. Frequently kids health is damaged, is vastu helps for recovery. In our home we are all continuously facing health problems, is vastu helps. After knowing residents' questions, we thought some vastu health tips may change health conditions in society Vastu Shastra for Happy Family Life: In an entire day where ever we go finally we reach to our home, we can face problems everywhere, but we never interested to face problems at home as everybody needs peace at home. If vastu is fine at house, everything will be happy and encouraging. The sump at Northeast gives us a good life Vastu Tips: Sometimes it happens that even after hard work, people continue to have problems of wealth, happiness and prosperity, family members of the house are troubled by many diseases.In such a situation there may be a Vastu Dosh in the house. Experts of Vastu Shastra say that by removing the Vaastu defects of the house, the financial condition of the house is corrected Vastu is actually a complex science which has been simplified and popularized so that the masses can benefit from it. In today's idea book we would like to share with you some simple Vastu tips for a happy and prosperous home. The tips suggested here do not require big architectural changes in the building, rather more like the rearrangement of. Home / Magazine / 6 Essential Pooja Room Vastu Tips For A Happy Home. Vastu. 6 Essential Pooja Room Vastu Tips For A Happy Home. Let traditional wisdom lead the way! January 26, 2021 Your pooja room is not only a sacred place but should also ooze a positive aura so that you can get into a meditative state

Diwali- 20 Easy vastu tips to let good luck in your home! - Festivities are just round the corner and many families are already on their mission to clean their homes 'spot less'. In Hinduism. Home; Tech. 5 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Phone's Battery May 5, 2021. 10 Tips to Kickstart your YouTube Channel this Pandemic April 29, 2021. Top 8 Best Smartphones to Buy in 2021 April 1, 2021. Career. Five Benefits of Reading Books Every Day May 13, 2021. 5 Top Hobbies That Science Says Can Sharpen Your Brai Vastu Tips For a Happy Home. by admin | Jan 23, 2017 | Vastu | 0 comments. Vastu is an age-old practise of following certain rules to develop and maintain buildings that promises to harness the natural positive energies surrounding us. This age-old practice of Indian civilization delivers wonderful results and makes the life of its. Vastu Experts in Delhi provide vastu tips for a happy, positive and ideal home. We all always hope for the best and pray for peace, peace and prosperity in our homes. It is one thing to stay positive and pray, but have you ever thought about what else can be done to achieve all your life-goals and attract peace, positivity? Vastu is the answer

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  2. The answer is simple, just go through the basic Vastu tips or meet an expert to get detailed information about your house. The northeast entrance flat Vastu is known as eshan, eshanya, eesan, etc. The main entrance of your home must be placed in the northeast, north, or east. The cut in the northeast corner as per Vastu is regarded as suicidal.
  3. Read More Vastu tips for the south direction. Furthermore, according to Vastu in the mandir for home, a pooja room should never be built in a bedroom, storeroom, or wall adjacent to the bathroom as this can hurt the house and its occupants. If you do position idols in the pooja bed, make sure they do not face south
  4. According to Vastu Shastra it is not good to sleep with head in the north direction. The reason is the magnetic force in the earth and the continuous magnetic current that flows from south to north
  5. Vastu for Children Room. A house that is built with love and satisfaction turns out to be a home for a happy family. And a home when constructed with Vastu Shastra rules and tips invite prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, wealth and love automatically

Vastu For Happy Married Life A happy married life doesn't only bring contentment but adds joy in life to live it for others without constraints even under the hardships. However with the changing lifestyle and independent thinking people have developed different habits that are hampering their married life ये 15 वास्तु टिप्स आपकी जिंदगी बदल देंगे, आजमाएं तो सही. कई बार घर में बिना वजह के तनाव व लड़ाई-झगड़ा बना रहता है। आपसी रिश्तों में. Vastu For Family Peace, Vastu For Success, Vastu For Happiness, Vastu Tips For Wealth And Happiness, Vastu Tips For Success In Studies, Vastu Tips For Happy Home, Vastu Tips For Business Growth, Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life, Vastu For Happy Married Life, Vastu Tips For Career Growth, Vastu Tips For Success In Exams, Vastu Tips For Success, Vastu Tips For Success In Competitive Exams. Vastu Shastra consultants at Vaastu Devayah Namah love to create happy homes and successful businesses with simple yet logical & authentic Vastu Shastra Solutions. We are commited to enhance your health, wealth and happiness by bringing you and your home energies into a wonderful alignment Tips For Happy Life Vastu Shastra General Knowledge Facts Home Management Pop Design Contemporary Interior Design Happy Family Feng Shui Cool Words More information More like thi

Jan 29, 2019 - The pooja room is the centre of divine energy in a home. To help you harness positivity, we have collated 6 essential pooja room Vastu tips Jul 23, 2021 3. How Nine Planets Affect the Vastu Of Kundali. Nine planets have an important place in the Vastu of the building. Each planet has a certain place in the building. Similarly the deities of each direction are also different. When they are balanced in the house, there is happiness and prosperity, whereas if constructed against their. By designing the guest room as per the guidelines of Vastu, you can ensure that you become an admirable host for your guests and they always leave your home feeling happy and content. The correct Vastu ensures that your guests have a comfortable and peaceful stay at your home. This will inspire them to visit your place again and again and thus. Why You Should Choose Our Services For Vastu Consultancy-. 1- We use pure scientific approach to make your home harmonious and in tune with the Cosmic Universe. 2- We make a detailed analysis report with the best vastu remedies. 3- We provide remedies without any demolition in most of the cases. 4- Our vastu solutions will bring peace, wealth. As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, a smiling Buddha or Laughing Buddha idol is a sign of prosperity and should be there in each household. It is a symbol of much happiness and may help in infusing more positive vibes into the household. Putting a Laughing Buddha face, statue or Laughing Buddha images in the right place will go a long way towards.

So, when trying to lead a happy married life, there are a few Vastu tips, considering which can ensure that you have peace in your marital relationship. How Vastu Affects Marriage? Certain defects in a couple's house can lead to regular quarrels between the husband and wife, which can lead to separation and even divorce Here are some of the tips from Vastu Shastra for South Facing Plot, follow them and get rid of insecurities and worries: 1. • Main Door of the House: In case the plot is situated south facing, then Vastu suggests building the main door in the south direction as it is considered good omen. 2 वास्तु टिप्स फॉर हैप्पी मैरिड लाइफ (Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life) घर का वास्तु वैवाहिक जीवन को भी प्रभावित करता है, अगर पति-पत्नी में किसी तरह का मतभेद चल रहा हो, तो घर मे. वास्तु में कुछ ऐसे उपाय हैं जिनको अपनाने से आपका जीवन सरल और सुखद हो सकता है। Read latest hindi news (ताजा हिन्दी समाचार) on vastu shastra, vastu tips for home, vastu for home - #1 हिन्दी न्यूज़ website Vastu Tips: घर पर ऐसी चीजें होने पर आती है तरक्की में बाधा और धन हानि ज्योतिष डेस्क, अमर उजाला Published by: विनोद शुक्ला Updated Mon, 19 Oct 2020 03:43 PM IS

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Vastu tips for happy Married Life. DO'S. Keep bedroom in the south-west of the house. Avoid bedroom in south-east as this is a fire place. It may lead to the clashes between the couple. Place bed in the southwest portion of the bedroom. Avoid placing bed in northern and eastern zone of the bedroom. It may cause mental stress and financial. 7 tips to enhance career success with the North zone. Anchor : Rashi Gaur Photographs: Shutterstock North denotes the wealth zone in vastu shastra whereas in feng shui, it stands for career growth and success, thereby making it one of the most important zones to take care of. Vastu and feng shui con..

Really Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR, Few time ago I was facing some issue in my home but now no problem because Dr. Rashmi Jain provided be best Vastu tips. I also recommend my friends to get their vaastu queries resolved by Dr. Rashmi Jain, as I observed She is an expert in this field. Dushyant Chauha Astro Remedy For Happy Married Life ($) Astrological Remedies For Marriage Problems ($) LAL Kitab Remedies For A Peaceful Marital Life ($) Vastu Remedies For Happy Married Life ($) Vastu Tips To Attract Husband ($) Vastu Tips To Control Husband In Hindi ($) Vastu Tips For Good Relationship ($) Vastu Shastra To Attract Love ($) Vastu For Better. Home Vastu Tips play an important role in the happiness and prosperity of a family. If you even put a picture of God on the wall near your gate or outside the house then remove it today itself. The true place of God is in the temple, put the picture of God in the home of the house only

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  1. Here are a few proven Vastu tips for home that you can apply while building your own abode. Each tip can improve various aspects of your life all at once. Proven Vastu Tips that Invite Positive Energy and Good Vibes into Your Home . by Anupam Singh . blogs
  2. or changes like that. Small details are very important in Vastu and can have a big impact on the.
  3. Vastu tips. Do not keep dustbin within the Pooja room and keep.it clean and tidy. As per Vastu for Pooja room, never keep idols reception . Keep pictures and frames of God/Goddess within the Pooja room reception . Never keep broken idols or frames within the Pooja room. Idols should be kept at a heighted platform
  4. 1. 25 Vastu Tips for Newly Weds & Happy Married Life. 1. Vastu leads to a happy married life which every couple dream of. Life becomes joyful and peaceful if your life partner is compatible with you
  5. By living in a Vastu space, you become slowly more aligned with the laws of nature to live a better and more prosperous, happy, and peaceful life. Vastu homes are plotted so that perimeter walls face the cardinal directions in order to access the earth's natural energy grid
  6. घर में ख़ुशहाली के लिए अपनाएं ये 18 वास्तु टिप्स (18 Vastu Tips For Happy Home) By Poonam Sharma in Vastu and Fengshui , Interior , Other
  7. Vasatu Tips: Although, according to Vastu Shastra, every direction of the house has its own importance, but it is important to know which God resides in whic

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The problem is - wrong placements of important objects. Vastu defects can cause dramatic effects on the personal life of an individual. So, in case you are looking to amend your home and end up living a happy married life, read through the vasthu tips and guidelines given in the following lines. Vaastu Tips For Happy Married Lif Vastu shastra is the art that believes in rearranging or changing the architecture of a place to bring in prosperity, happiness and an overall financial stability. In this article we will enlighten you about the vastu plants to keep in home for ensuring happy and prosperous living. Some auspicious vastu plants to keep in home: 1. Holy Basil (Tulsi

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A happy married life is a collection of several movements which can include: emotional intimacy, raising a family, love, romance, sex life, progeny, communication and many more. Although it is the emotional intimacy which kindles the spark and lead the relationship to a new level, many lack this important element in their relationship Vastu Tips for Happy life - Vastu Tips for Happy life. Sign in. Accueil; News. Sports; Entertainment; People & Buzz; Faits divers; International. Europe; Africa; Contact; Sign in. Home Tags Vastu Tips for Happy life. Tag: Vastu Tips for Happy life. Aaj Ka Rashifal 19 July: Today, the people of Aries will.. Mirror Vastu Tips. In today's life too many households have this routine. A mirror may look insignificant but it can bring lots of positivity in your home and in your life. In vastu it is considered to be very significant. One should keep the mirror in the right place and direction Vastu Shastra, the sacred Vedic Science from India can be used to create and enhance Divine Vastu Tips For Love and Happy Married Life | Blogs/Opinions | indiawest.com You have permission to edit.

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వాస్తు శాస్త్రం వాస్తు vastu tips in telugu Vastu Tips vastu shastram vastu. Web Title : 20 practical vaastu changes for a happy home Telugu News from Samayam Telugu, TIL Network We often get queries from our readers related to the right direction for their houses, suggestions for constructing commercial buildings, vastu tips for a peaceful and more fulfilling life. Well, to answer all your queries and to help you understand this directional science better, we have come up with Vaastushaastra.com- your one stop. The home or the lining abode is only considered comfortable if the inmates living there are happy and healthy Vastu makes sure that the people living in their homes are living a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. residential Vastu is extremely important for the well-being of the people living inside the house Vastu Tips To Improve Husband Wife Relationship. Vastu For Keeping Lovebirds At Home: Keep a love bird's picture or sculpture in this direction which will solve your marital problem, delay in marriage problem in life. The love birds sculpture should not carry any color other than yellow-white or golden Vastu vigyan: Home Vastu tips for happy lif

vastu shastra is the science of balancing energies, hence, in other words, if you're living in a vastu compliant home, then it's for sure that energies will extend their help and push you towards your betterment (however, it's all up to you what you actually want to do with that divine help- after all, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink) The combination of Vastu with the placement priority of Feng Shui can be beneficial to your home. In Feng Shui, the horses represent life, so they require eight horses. The reason for this is that each horse represents an important milestones of your life - career, children, recognition, health, marriage, education, happiness, and personal. बुधवार को पैसे, पुस्तक, स्कूटर, पंखे आदि कुछ भी उधार देना नहीं चाहिये। दो दर्पण आमने-सामने नहीं रखने चाहिये Vastu for house involves several important traits, whichdepicts unique style in building every room of your home. Constructing a house by closelysticking with the vastu principles will greatly bring peace, success, and opulence to thedwellers residing in the home. Moreover, a good vastu shastra will drive away the negative 12

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For Vastu Shastra tips, Home Vastu, Office Vastu, Analysis of Direction, Effect of Vastu and other expert advise visit GharExpert.com. Several Vastu shastra pictures showing directions for every location of the house or office Tips for Vaastu design for West Facing Homes. As mentioned above, it's the entrance of the house that matters more. According to Vastu Shastra, in a west-facing home, the main door or the entrance of the house can be located in any of the four padas - 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th or 6 th. Here's a simple explanation of what are padas It is believed that seven horse painting in your home ensures financial stability in your life. In Feng Shui also horse represents courage, speed, and endurance. A painting of eight galloping horses in the living room near the entrance of the house brings wealth and good luck in your home. Eight represents the eight aspirations of life, Career. vaastu tips for happy family home vastu tips for home feng shui tips. सुनील शर्मा . और पढ़े. related story . Vastu Tips: घर के दरवाजे बनवाने में ध्यान रखें ये नियम, रहेंगे खुशहाल. Vastu Shastra for Running Horse Painting - Important points. It is recommended to have pair of white galloping horses on the floor or in water in north of North West zone as shown below:; Only consider horse symbol only in the form of figurines made of metal, wood, ceramic or as painting

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