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For this one we're keeping it simple with a template where you can cut and paste construction paper into a flag. It's easy enough for preschoolers and great for older kids too as they can do more of the prep work themselves. This is a great craft for the 4th of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day, or when doing a lesson about the American flag How to make your American Flag: Cut out a square of blue construction paper that is 4 1/2 wide x 4 tall. Cut out strips of red construction paper. Glue the red strips of paper onto the white piece of construction paper to create the stripes. Glue the blue square in the corner of the flag. Use the 3-D paint to add the stars to the blue piece

American Flag Materials: Red, blue and white construction paper. Glue. Scissors. White paint. Q-tips. The kids started but cutting long strips of red paper. They glued them onto the paper to make simple stripes. Then they cut and glued on a blue rectangle 1 piece of red & blue construction paper. 2 pieces of white construction paper. glue stick. Torn Paper American Flag Kids Craft Directions: Have your kiddo tear a blue rectangle and the red paper into long strips. Teacher Tip: Even though they aren't using scissors did you know that like cutting, tearing paper also builds fine motor control Feb 26, 2015 - An American Flag craft for kids. Use construction paper and lots of Elmer's glue. Fun craft to do with children to help celebrate Flag Day, D-Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day

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  1. Here's a simple American flag template that can be used to make a wavy 3D paper flag craft. The 3D effect makes it look like the flag is flying! Creative American Flag Paper Craft for Kids. This printable USA flag craft is an easy cut and paste paper craft for preschoolers and kindergartners
  2. 4. Glue the red pieces of construction paper onto the first stripe of your flag. Glue the red pieces of paper on every other stripe. Your flag should start and end with a red stripe. 5. Dip the Q-tip into the white paint. Using the Q-tip, add dots to the blue square to represent the stars. 6
  3. I'm always looking for new ideas to entertain my 3-year-old and we love doing seasonal and holiday themed crafts. This list uses simple items like sticks, paints, fingertips, & construction paper to create American Flag themed crafts to help celebrate the holidays. Be sure to make an extra one for grandma & grandpa to hang on their fridge
  4. Another idea, great for preschoolers and older kids too, is to make a construction paper flag that you can hold. Take a red piece of craft paper....cut out 6 strips of white pieces of paper for the stripes. Cut out a blue square and paste it to the upper left corner of the flag. If you have white buttons, glue them to the blue square

6. Pom Pom American Flag. Instead of construction paper, the pom poms in this creative American flag craft are placed on popsicle sticks. This project is super easy to create and can easily be turned into a fun fridge magnet or bedroom decoration. Head over Raising Little Superheroes to find fun printables and great crafts and activities for. And adore these Printable 4th July Paper Chian by Love the Day!. More 4th Jult Craft Ideas. Some of these crafts shared here are not in the traditional patriotic colours.. however, I thought they would still be useful to include in this collection of American Flag Crafts and 4th July Crafs, as in a different colour scheme they would still be perfect - e.g. the Origami Stars shared. Very simply sketch the outlines of the American Flag on the manila paper with pencil. Be sure that the field of stars is in the left hand corner. Next tear the pieces of tissue paper and glue them in the according stripes of color on the flag. Fit the pieces tightly together so none of the background paper will show Paper Chain American Flag Craft In preparation for Memorial Day (tomorrow), Flag Day (in June) and the 4th of July, my girls and I spent some time yesterday working on a cute and fun American flag craft 12 Fabulous American Flag Crafts for Kids. Now that the school year is wrapping up and summer is upon us, we will be gearing up for the Fourth of July holiday soon! I love all of the red, white and blue decor. Article by I Heart Crafty Things. 2.9k

Simple American Flag Craft. As part of our mini-unit about America, we had a very basic craft at the free art center. Mary Poppins and I placed strips of red and white construction paper out on the table, along with blue rectangles, star stickers, and glue. This American flag craft gave the children the chance to recreate the American flag on. Get the instructions for --> Paper Chain Flag Filed Under: Memorial Day , Paper crafts , Preschool , Preteen , School Age Crafts & Activities for Kids , Toddler Tagged With: American flag. , chains , Construction Paper Crafts , flag , Flag Day , foam board , july 4th , Memorial Day , paper chains , sticker Pom-pom American flag. Nothing says kid-friendly DIY more than fluffy pom-poms and foam letters. That's what makes this pom-pom American flag craft kit so great—it has both and more.

paper, printer, pencil crayons if using the black and white version, scissors, glue; Instructions: Print out the template. Each template makes two flags. Color the template, if using the B&W option. I think pencil crayons work best for this particular project. Crayons are hard to use in the tight spaces between the stars Creative American Flag Inspired Paper Craft Instructions To start the Happy 4th of July paper craft, print the flag background template on white cardstock. Then take a sheet of red construction paper and cut out 3 strips to 1x7.5 red and white crepe paper; blue scrapbook or construction paper; white scrapbook or construction paper; Count & Pattern with the Flag. Take a peek at your sample US flag. Either a real flag or a printed/digital picture will work. I had grabbed our flag from the porch to save it from getting ripped to pieces I am a very proud American. So, I want to share a simple Torn Paper Flag Art Project that even the youngest patriots can make! Check out my felt flag puzzle craft project, too! Torn Paper Flag Art Project . Supplies: 1 piece each red, white, and blue paper. White Paint. School Glue. This project is perfect for young and old patriots Paper Plate Flag // Crafts on the Sea This cute 4th July craft for kids is super easy to make and looks fantastic too. Stick Flag Craft // Non-Toy Gifts Let the kids clean up the yard, then they can create this fun stick flag! American Flag Cootie Catcher // Red Ted Art The kids will love playing with this fun Cootie Catcher printable

3) Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut the construction paper to fit the handprint. 4) Have your child help you apply mini star stickers to the palm area. 5) Using a glue stick, have them apply glue to the top half of the popsicle stick (leaving room for little hands to grab the flag (as seen in the photo below) It's posterboard, actually. Close enough. Anyway, here's the history of the United States flag.Do you think there will be more stars (or less) on the future.

Cut a small square of blue construction paper. Either draw a lot of white stars on the blue paper using a white gel pen, or cut and glue tiny white stars onto the blue paper. When the glue has set, turn the flag over. Glue on the square of blue construction paper and glue another craft stick to the long craft stick on the back. Let the glue set Note: For more patriotic printables, see my 4th of July activities page. To make an American flag suncatcher, you will need the following materials: Clear contact paper. Black construction paper. Scissors. Red, white, and blue tissue paper squares. My kids began by cutting out the inside of a sheet of black construction paper to make a frame. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper. to be the flame of the torch. Make crowns, and then they can be the Statue of Liberty. Go to Top 6) Flags You need: White construction paper Red strips of paper Blue colored paper Star Stickers Glue Method: Glue red strips top the white construction paper to make red and white stripes

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  1. description: Making A Paper Flag | Make A Flag Craft Kids - CRAFTIVIThis is tutorial how to make a flag with paper. This tutorial is very easy to kids. And l..
  2. Patriotic Craft Preparation. To begin, fold each 8×11 sheet of black construction paper in half (so it is tall and skinny.) Keep the paper folded in half, start at the crease, and trim 3/4″ from around the edges to create a frame for the window. Set the frame aside for later and use the solid rectangular piece that remains to cut a star.
  3. Allow the paint to dry. Cut a 2-inch square out of the blue construction paper and allow your child to draw several white stars on it with the gel pen or white paint. Set it aside to dry. Break one of the remaining craft sticks in half. Line up the red and white craft sticks in alternating colors side by side one another and flip them over so.
  4. Help your child mark and cut five point stars from the white construction paper, and glue them onto the blue section. Then mark and cut 1-inch strips from the remaining construction paper, and trim them to the length of your red section. Glue them all around the red section of your can, to make alternating red and white stripes around the outside
  5. The most popular American Flag craft for children is made from craft sticks, construction paper, glue and acrylic paint (red, white and blue). It's pretty simple really, all they need to do is glue 8 craft sticks on to the construction paper and paint the craft sticks red and white (4 sticks red, 4 sticks white)
  6. Cut top hat shape out of white construction paper, glue two red strips to the front, put small blue band of construction paper where a hat band would be, and decorate hat band with white stars. Attach hat to sentence strip and staple shut. Craft Stick American Flag: Have the children paint about 8 tongue depressors red

Whaline 12 Design 4th of July Pattern Paper Set A5 Size Patriotic American Flag Stars Stripes Craft Paper 60 Sheet Red Blue White Double-Sided Origami Paper for Independence Day Card Making Scrapbook 5.0 out of 5 stars Whaline 12 Design 4th of July Pattern Paper Set A5 Size Patriotic American Flag Stars Stripes Craft Paper 60 Sheet Red Blue White Double-Sided Origami Paper for Independence Day Card Making Scrapbook. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $9.99 $ 9. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 15 Scrapbook paper (or construction paper) red, white, and blue. Star stickers; Scissors; Glue; Here's what you do: On pieces of cardstock, draw a simple flag shape, with the square and the stripes (so the kids know what spaces to fill in with the different colors of paper). Cut strips of red, white, and blue paper and then cut the strips into. Cut blue construction paper in half and attach to top portion of container. Cut stars from remaining white paper, either freeform or using patterns on the printables page. When dry, cut alternating red and white strips of crepe paper, butcher paper, fabric or similar to the bottom of the wind sock as pictured

Cut strips out of the red and white construction paper for the stripes. Leave a small space of blue fro the blue portion of the flag. Hole punch stars out of white construction paper. Glue all pieces to resemble the American flag. I cut out the strips for Sweet P and explained that some were shorter than others while showing her our flag Have her tape the tan construction paper to the paper roll. This Cupid is going to need some clothes: let your child experiment with wrapping the roll with white construction paper, trimming with scissors as she goes along. American Flag Craft. Whether your child is celebrating a great American holiday or simply feeling patriotic, this. Make mosaic art flags by gluing pieces of magazine pages to a flag coloring page. Frame the finished artwork using strips of construction paper. Hang the finished flags on the facility's doors for the holiday. Schedule a patriotic sing along with your residents. Organize a Patriotic Choir Club and have your residents practice regularly so. 5) AMERICAN FLAG WINDSOCK CRAFT FOR KIDS. This project is a FUN way to decorate for any patriotic holiday, or to show your USA pride all year-round! American Flag Windsocks are easy to make and perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Remove cover and cut bottom off oatmeal box. Cover box with blue construction paper

Paper American Flag A fun paper American Flag craft. Making a simple American flag out of paper with your kids presents a great opportunity to teach them about the flag. Tell them how each stripe represents one of the original 13 colonies and how each star represents each state in the USA. This is a great way to make learning fun Lace the right cord through the same row in the opposite direction. Step 8. Rows 5-7: Repeat Step 7. Step 9. To secure your key chain, tie a tight double knot at the end of the cord, making sure the knot is snug against the beads. Step 10. Repeat knot on both sides. Cut off excess cord. Clip onto desired surface and enjoy

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Cut out a piece of tag board measuring 18″ x 13″. Next, draw one inch thick stripes on the tag board. Out of blue construction or stock paper, cut out a square that measured 8″ x 7″. Also, cut out a piece of white paper measuring 18″ x 6″. The blue paper is just sitting on top here. Don't glue it down yet Then use the craft knife and cut two popsicle sticks to the height of the rectangle. Glue them at the middle and the left edge of the rectangle. Step 4: Cut star square Cut a small square out of the construction paper and glue it to the corner of the flag on the side opposite the unpainted sticks. Use a star stamp with white paint or a white. Make your own flags with a pencil and printable templates. Fourth of July USA Crafts. American Flag Candle Toilet Paper Roll Craft. preschool and kindergarten. Fourth of July USA Crafts. American Flag CD Rom Coaster. preschool and kindergarten Celebrate the United States by making a colorful rice version of the American flag. This craft is wonderful craft for [] Liberty Bell Collage. Create patriotic faux stained glass with contact paper, construction paper, and tissue paper. It looks beautiful with the light streaming [ Craft for Independence Day The Making of an American Flag (or I doubt Betsy Ross did it this way!) PRIOR TO CLASS: • Cut out construction paper pieces for each child as directed below. (Using a paper cutter will help in the process, especially in cutting the stripes!) • Obtain white star stickers (50 per child) DURING CLASS

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  1. How to Use the American Flag Fingerprint Counting Printable. Materials Needed: Heavyweight construction paper, cardstock, watercolor paper or scrapbook paper; Tempera paint. Free printable template. Printer. Something to hold the paint. We like to use paper plates. This is a pretty simple activity, and the printable requires no special.
  2. Festive Flower Pot Project. This craft makes a great 4th of July table centerpiece and it's easy for kids of all ages to get in on the fun. For younger kids, consider setting up the craft outside and dressing them in smocks to protect their clothing. You can find terracotta pots and markers at your local craft store
  3. iature rectangles to mimic flags. Let them explore with the shapes and lines with glue and toss a few crayons.
  4. 8.5 x 11 construction paper or cardstock in various colors and/or patterns; Valentine and/or heart stickers; Scissors; Pinking shears (optional) Glue stick or white craft or school glue; Glitter (pink, red, white) How to make it. Cut a piece of construction paper or cardstock into four equal pieces. Fold quartered paper in half to make a card
  5. To make a flag, start with a piece of nylon or cotton fabric in the base color you want. Next, select other pieces of colored fabric for your design—old clothes and tablecloths are perfect for this! Use markers, rulers, and stencils to draw patterns on the colored fabrics, then cut them out and glue them into position on the base fabric. You can use a tree branch or an old broom pole to make.
  6. utes to pull together. Make rockets by rolling up an 8 by 12 piece of paper and then cut out a cone out of colored construction paper and tape it from the top. Later, decorate it with red, white and blue crepe paper. Red, White and Blue Fan Favors
  7. These fun craft ideas can also be used to help decorate your space for your Olympic event. Olympic Crafts for Kids 1. Make Olympic Flags Make an Olympic flag (or flags) to have at your events or decorate your room. Explain to the children: 1. The five rings (circles) are interlocking on a white background. The white background symbolizes peace

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Step 4: Add the Details. Draw the body of an alien and cut it out. OR print the free DIY space crafts template and trace the pieces onto your green paper (except the eyes which should be traced onto black paper) and cut them out. Glue the body onto the triangle, with the point of the triangle facing down (And put buying a flag on you to-do list for next year's celebration—you can find one for as little as $15). Make a Flag: Help your kids make their own flags out of construction paper, then glue the flags to sticks and wave them as you celebrate the day. Red, White and Blue Water Blo

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Our construction paper is perfect for all your arts & crafts projects! Heavy-duty, 60-pound stock construction paper comes in a variety of vibrant colors and two sizes—9 x 12 or 12 x 18 Remember, I like easy, inexpensive and quick crafts! With the short attention span that toddlers have, these 4th of July toddler crafts are just the right time length for success! The end products look great, too! 1. American Flag Supplies: Red, White and Blue Construction Paper. scissors. White Tempra Paint. Brush, Glu To make the Uncle Sam craft you will need: 1 blue body, 1 beige head, 1 white beard, 1 white mustache, 1 blue hat brim, 1 red hat, 2 white hat stripes and 5 white stars. Glue the blue body at the bottom of the light blue cardstock paper. Add the beige head above the body. Glue the beard onto the face. Glue the mustache in the middle of the face This super cute curling ribbon crafts is a quick and easy Firework Crafts. There are lots of different firework craft ideas to make with kids, but these are so clever and unique, plus pretty too. Use this as a summer craft or as a 4th of july crafts for kids! All you need is construction paper, curling ribbon, and a pair of scissors and you are. All you need is toilet paper or paper towel tubes; red, white and blue paint; and a few other supplies to make these fireworks. Buy: Construction Paper $4.87 Egg carton American flag

Import the image into your graphics or other program and print as usual. If these flags are too large, resize them in your graphics program. For a firm flag mini, print the flag on thick paper or card stock. Extra Small American Flag. Small American Flag. Medium American Flag. Large American Flag Spectacular Suncatchers Project. Hang indoors near a window and watch as the sun makes your homemade suncatcher light up! View Details. Look for our Scholar Sun Icon throughout our Projects page to easily find lesson plans or projects with learning objectives. Filter Projects. Filter Projects. Difficulty Level How to make a handprint flower bouquet. Step 1: Gather all the handprints from your kid's classmates traced on colored construction or card stock paper. Step 2: Cut several strips of yellow construction paper that will be used as the flower stems. A 2″ strip will be used for each flower. Cut slices into the yellow paper strips starting from. Paper Flag Craft. Crepe Paper American Flag - Here's an inexpensive craft kids can make to make a larger format decoration for a 4th of July party. American Flag Paper Craft. American Flag Luminaries - These are such a fun and creative decorating solution for 4th of July. Kids will be proud to contribute to the holiday decor

Paper CraftsKids craft with all kinds of paper; construction paper, copy paper, recycled paper.you'll find ideas to work with it all here. The stripes on the American flag represent the original 13 Colonies and the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. Supplies -A roll of white crepe paper-4 sheets of blue construction paper-White chalk. What to do: Explain to the children that they will be building the American Flag. If you want to provide a little background and some fun facts about the flag, this is a great link from FUN FACTS Black construction paper and chalk pastels make for bright stars to decorate any wall or window. Learn More: Craft a Flag. Work on patterns and letter recognition while making an image of the American flag in the shape of an F

Art Paper Construction Paper Craft Paper Drawing Paper Photo Source: the-wilson-world.blogspot.com Flag Day is next Friday and, if... Read More . gifts 4 Fun American Flag Crafts for Kids! Wondering what crafts to incorporate into your President's Day lesson plans?. These DIY American flag patriotic lanterns will be great decoration for your 4th of July party. It is also super simple and inexpensive to make and you can complete for just a few dollars. See how to make it via Mod Podge Rocks Blog

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16. Pony Bead Flag Craft. Any craft that starts with a leftover pizza box is right up our alley, and this pony bead flag project is the bee's knees when it comes to crafting with kids. Fine motor skills get a run for their money and that bottle of Elmer's glue will get a work out too (which is half the fun for little ones). Get the tutoria American Flag. created by: J. Davis. Materials-one sheet each of red, white, and blue construction paper-glue-scissors-star stickers. Directions. 1. Lay red paper flat on table. Cut a blue rectangle and glue on to the top left corner of the red paper. 2. Rip six 3/4 inch strips along the length of the white construction paper. 3 Cut the flag out of the construction paper. Cut around the edges and leave the cardboard backing on the flag. Glue two Popsicle sticks together to make the flagpole. Glue the sticks behind the American Flag for the flagpole. More President's Day Crafts from this Author

Collage Flag. Your little artist can collage their own American flag for the Fourth of July. Tear apart pieces of red, white and blue construction and tissue paper. Help your child to draw the outline of an American flag on a piece of white card stock paper. Start with the stripes, using glue to cover each area Instructions. Fold one piece of the construction paper in half on the vertical side, then unfold it. Use the pencil to draw a star shape, having the center points of the star hit on the fold line. Leave about a 2 border all the way around the star Paper White House. This Paper White House is a super fun printable American craft for Kids. All you need is some paper, scissors, glue and a printer and you're ready to make your own version of this great American symbol! Ages: 4 and Up. Preschoolers can do this craft if you do the cutting for them ahead of time! Here's what you'll need.. Once the gel pen has dried, help the students glue the blue construction paper square with the stars on it onto the upper left-hand of the flag. Once the glue dries, this preschool Memorial Day craft is complete. Five-Pointed Star. This craft will not only allow children to be creative, but it will also help them learn how to draw a five.

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American Flag Earring Craft Kit 6 Piece(s) #13767941 Sunworks® Blue 9 x 12 Heavyweight Construction Paper - 50 Sheets 50 Sheet(s) #13766489 $ 1.99 (10) Quick View. Blue Personalized Ribbon - 3/8 25 ft #13653253 $ 17.99 (281) Quick View. Medium Blue Canvas Drawstring Bags Per Dozen #14/144 These creative American crafts for kids are a great way to get children involved in our patriotic holidays. These crafts work well as President's Day crafts for kids, Flag Day, 4th of July crafts, or just as patriotic crafts for kids. Paper White House. Ages 3 and up. This Paper White House is a super fun printable American craft for Kids

Add a circle of glue to your paper, and press the red pieces into the glue. This will create the base of the flower. Glue smaller black pieces of paper to the center of the red poppy. Finally add a black stem and set aside to dry. Super simple. If you are looking for more patriotic American crafts I have lots of creative ideas here This paper lantern DIY is a fun craft for kids all year long! Paper Crafts are our absolute favorite. If you love them too, then you will not want to miss our other popular paper crafts including: Paper weaving, Giant Paper Lantern, and Paper Cactus We highlighted this Construction Paper Craft along with some other fun kids craft in our April Crafts for Kids along with our 101+ Easy Craft. 1. Create and fly the American flag. Help the kids make an American flag craft using construction paper or simply have your kids each draw their best American flag on paper. Staple the completed flags onto straws for flying. If you own an American flag, you can teach older kids how to fly and fold the flag. This is a great way to teach your. Glue painted craft sticks to an index card in alternating red-white-red order. (Be sure to begin and end with red.) Allow glue to dry. Trim off card excess. Then, paint a blue rectangle (approximately 1.5 -- 4 sticks -- tall by 2 wide) in the upper left-hand corner of the flag shape. Allow blue paint to dry 1.Cut 2x (16-18) strip of brown paper (measure your kids head)make like a band.Use glue or staple to hold the edges. 2.Cut 3 feathers from different construction papers glue them on the back of the band. 3.Glue the wings on each side of the headband. 1.Glue the googly eyes (You can just use white and black paper)

Patriotic Glitter Hanging Craft Kit. Makes 12 #13947477. $14.99. Quick View. Patriotic Glasses Craft Kit. Makes 12 #13729620. $11.49. Quick View. Patriotic Craft Bags for 12 Rainbows + Sun = HAPPINESS ☀️ Try this super easy Paper Plate Rainbow Sunshine craft with your kids. All you need is a paper plate, construction paper in rainbow colors, yellow paint, glue and a black marker. Here's how to make it: ☀️Cut the paper plate in half and paint it yellow. Kids can color with crayons or markers if they.

As you're talking, guide them through making their own American flag by gluing red, white, and blue pom poms to a piece of heavy construction paper or card stock. Hang it up to show your patriotism! Memorial Day Poppies Craft. Help little ones paint a flattened white cupcake liner with red paint and a black center Easy American Flag Craft for Kids. 10.Pom Poms. The perfect sensory bin material, glue on googly eyes and a pipe cleaner antennae and you have a cute little bug, 3 white ones stacked and glued become a snowman. They are great for toddlers and preschoolers to use as a paint dauber. 11.Pipe Cleaners Fourth of July-inspired kids' crafts and activities build excitement and bring the family together. Introduce American concepts to kids of all ages like the American flag, fireworks, our patriotic colors, the Declaration of Independence, and America's fifty states. Try a few items on this list or do them all! 7 Fourth of July Activities for. Construction Paper Flags - Very simply sketch the outlines of the American Flag on the manila paper with pencil. Be sure that the field of stars is in the left hand corner. Next tear the pieces of tissue paper and glue them in the according stripes of color on the flag. Fit the pieces tightly together so none of the background.

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American-Themed Crafts. Turn tin cans into patriotic wind socks. (The Wilson World) Piece together a simple straw flag. (I Heart Crafty Things) Paint a red, white and blue paper plate flag. (Glued to My Crafts Blog) Make gift tags, newsletters or cards with some free stars and frames clip art For fun, you can add a paper bow tie, or make an American flag from paper and a toothpick to embellish your eagle. Happy Memorial Day! Project created by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal. Amanda is a well-known craft expert and has been writing and crafting on the Internet for over fifteen years Patriotic Duck Tape Parade Stick - Take this easy to make craft to your local parade and show your spirit!; Paper Plate Flag Craft - Hang these beauties all over the house or on your porch as a wind catcher!; Patriotic DIY Bubble Wands - The most fun bubble wand around! Even more so because they made it themselves! Patriotic Necklace - All you need is some twine, paper straws, and beads Crafting is a great way to encourage kids to learn about various topics in a hands-on way. We recently learned all about the American flag and it's significance while making a fun & easy American Flag Craft with popsicle sticks! A great extension to a unit on American history, or after learning the pledge of allegiance, this American Flag craft is a great classroom craft as it is easy for kids.