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The Southwest Archery Sypder recurve bow boasts that it is the perfect bow for beginner to intermediate archers, especially those interested in Olympic recurve wooden bows. This bow is an upgrade from the designers of the Samick Sage Recurve bows are smaller, to begin with, plus their ability to collapse makes them much easier to transport. Best Uses for A Recurve Bow - Field Archery. Recurve bows are used in various types of archery as this article advises, especially used in Field archery and also Target archery The Legend XT320 Recurve Bow Hip Quiver is quite different from other quivers as it is made from high-quality material that makes it tough and fit to handle the purpose of its creation. The weatherproof woven nylon material ensures you can use it for a longer duration without buying a new quiver year in year out

Well, recurve bows are designed for peak performance at the proper draw length. For example, the sweet spot for the 62-inch bow is going to be when it's drawn 22-24 inches. The draw weight increases at a consistent curve up to those lengths Low-profile vanes and an aerodynamic nock are still good choices for field shooters To obtain high down-range arrow speed (for a given bow) we need both an arrow of low mass and of low aerodynamic drag. If the drag is too high the arrow will slow down too quickly, even though it might have a high speed as it leaves the bow Because field archery and 3D archery, while being accurate is important, having good shooting form is also an important part of participating in the sport. If your recurve bow is within the draw weight range of 15 to 75 lbs., then you're probably good to go. Many people also use recurve bows with the draw weight of 20 to 35 lbs It is the best recurve bow 2021 that you can find at a very reasonable price. The draw is very smooth along with exceptional accuracy and excellent arrow speed. It works well for both hunting and targeted archery. It contains the B-50 string along with a great arrow rest. The limbs are made up of

As the name suggests, this SinoArt 68″ Recurve bow is for both left and right handed people. Its total length is a bit longer than the standard (62″) length. Its kit comes with everything you should need to get started with your target shooting. The top-quality material makes it stand upright and durable for long TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 PIN Recurve Bow sight is always a very perfect choice for you. Along with the high-quality construction material, the machine does all you want from it

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Along with the right and left-handed shooters facility, the Sino-Art Falcon Hunting Recurve bow is the best and very inexpensive recurve bow offering you high-quality performance and results. Well, if you are interested to know further detail, continue reading this post Field Bows All Field Bows Recurve Riser Featured Best Selling Alphabetically: A-Z Alphabetically: Z-A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Date: New to Old Date: Old to Ne Kiowa Recurve Field Bow. £504.37 (£420.31 ex.VAT) Mohawk Hybrid Take Down Bow Custom. £516.00 (£430.00 ex.VAT) Mohawk Recurve Field Take Down Bow Custom. £516.00 (£430.00 ex.VAT) Redman Recurve Field Bow Custom. £595.00 (£495.83 ex.VAT) Rolan Snake Bow Both recurve bows and longbows can be used for field archery, so you can pick whichever one feels best for you. Just be sure to check the rules of any local field archery clubs or organizations that you'd like to shoot in before you commit to buying your bow Top Pick: The SouthWest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow Combo Set The SouthWest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow Combo Set is a great bow for beginners that are looking for a quality bow that can actually be taken into the field to hunt

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5-70 pound draw weight. Up to 30.5 draw length. Easy to work on. While the jury may be out as to which one's really the best bow between the Infinite Edge versus the Cruzer G2, there's no doubt they're neck in neck. You can expect about 310 fps on a shot from this bow (depending on settings and arrows) The BEST 6 Recurve Bows. Mike's Gear Reviews have come up with six of the best recurve bows that you can buy online. Five of these are takedowns, and only one is a one-piece. The specs and prices are from Amazon unless stated otherwise. Southwest Archery Spyder Tak edown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Here in this section, we are just going to list all the 7 Best Recurve Bow for Beginners. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow 45lb. Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow, 50-Pound, Camouflage. Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set. SAS Spirit 62″ Take Down Recurve Bow - Black (22 LB) PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Right Hand, 20# 12Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Archery Target. Our best choice for bow targets is the Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag, which boasts a versatile application and is suitable for a ghi speed crossbow and a compound bow and arrow to suit al archers wherever they are These bows are much more agile, strong, precise and customizable than other types of bows. The Recurve Bows can be fired by varying levels of strength. The arrows shot by the Recurve Bows are faster, stealthier, and sleeker than shots by other types of bows. So, choose the Recurve Bow that fits you and all the best in shooting Make Offer - Vintage Montgomery Ward Western Field Bruin Recurve Bow Right Hand 8748-93 45lb composite bow - traditional horsebow design - very fast shooting $229.5

D&Q Hunting Bow and Arrow for Adults Recurve Bows Archery Set Adult Handmade Bow 58 30-50 lbs Longbow Kit with Carbon Arrows Right Hand Outdoor Hunting Shooting. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 76. $196.99 What Do We Do? We Buy, Test, and Write Reviews. We Make Shopping Quick and Easy. Our Research Has Helped Over 200 Million People To Find The Best Products Our bestselling bow by a wide margin, THE ULTIMATE is just that — the Ultimate in speed, smoothness, stability and silence. The Ultimate claimed high honors in an independent field test conducted by Bowhunting World Magazine.Two of our bows were pitted against the top 12 leaders in the traditional bow industry and Both Bob Lee bows won the top spots, with another Bob Lee recurve taking. 6. Barnett Outdoors Recruit: Best Recurve Crossbow for Beginners. Barnett Outdoors, LLC is a major manufacturer of archery, slingshot, and crossbow products nationally and internationally. Recruit Recurve is amongst its most famous and well-recognized crossbows in the category of small and medium game hunting gears This bow claimed Number One in the Nation when Bowhunting World field-tested it against 12 industry-leading recurves. (Our own Natural model took the number 1 spot!) The Ultimate features our exclusive alignment system, Stabi-Lock™, a tool-free slide-to-lock limb attachment design that synchronizes all the performance-producing elements of this bow into a sensational, unencumbered.

Best Recurve Bow You Could Pick. If you are serious about hunting and already have a good bushcraft knife, it is time to pick the right bow. The following are reviews of the best recurve bows you can get your hands on. Whether you want to buy your first bow or are looking to replace your current one, we are confident that you will find. Archers would do well to match their screw-in points to the outside diameter of their arrow shafts or their arrow shaft inserts. That is, the insert end of the point should flow nearly seamlessly into the arrow shaft. If the point is wider than the arrow, the point can hang up inside a target when the archer tries to pull it out Bearpaw Recurve Field Bows. As one of the main Bearpaw UK stockists, we have direct access to all the current Bearpaw archery products. If you want Bearpaw archery bows made with quality and efficiency you've found them! From Bodnik bows with a 30 year warranty to Bearpaw Penthalon archery bows we have them all available here The two main types of bows are compound bows and recurve bows. Your bow is a recurve bow, which is vastly different from a compound bow mainly in how the weight is handled when you draw the string. Compound bows have a pulley system that relieves most of the weight from the string once you draw it to a certain point, helping you to hold the.

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Recurve Target Bows. To be the best, you have to shoot the best. See the new lineup. Advanced Beyond Them All. The Hoyt Formula System is the gold standard in recurve engineering, performance, and podium results. Since its introduction, Formula System bows have absolutely dominated competitive recurve archery The physical weight of the recurve bow is worth taking into account in your decision buying process. When you're shooting, you'll often need to keep the held out at arms-length for long periods of time, which can become incredibly tiring. The vast majority of recurve bows are between 2 and 3.5 lbs, which is a suitable weight for a beginner The Olympic archery association tries its best to ensure a level playing field. Compound bows mostly popular among the archers of Europe and North and Central America. But Asia, Australian, and African archers still prefer the traditional recurve bow for archery Barnett Quicksilver Youth Recurve Bow Package. $29.99. OMP October Mountain Adventure 2.0 Recurve Bow. $129.99. WAS: $139.99 *. OMP Smokey Mountain Hunter Recurve Bow Package. $149.99. OMP Passage Recurve Bow Package. $99.99 SAS Spirit is the best recurve bow of 2021 which is definitely fatal for the objects. It is capable of hitting the target in 40 yards with great stress. The bow offers a quiet arrow shooting experience best for silent hunting and available at a reasonable price. 9. Bear Archery - Grizzly Recurve Bow

Carbon arrows are probably the all around best choice for most recurve bows, whether it be for practice target shooting, competitions and even hunting. Carbon arrows tend to be accurate, durable and are more safe than cheaper alternatives like fiberglass arrows Choose The Best Recurve Bow. You now have all the information you need to make an educated purchase, and to acquire a recurve that is a perfect match for you.You could basically buy any of the bows I've discussed above at random, and you're more than likely to be very pleased - as long as you make sure the draw weight matches your body build, as shown in the chart above Making an archery back stop is a great idea, and will a little creativity and resourcefulness can definitely happen. The materials listed in this review page are only part of what will be needed to craft your own DIY archery back stop. Other materials include the following: Tools, such as a drill, nails, rope

Traditional Archers Path | Deer Hunting Basics With Traditional Archery Gear. July 26, 2019; Archery, Traditional Bows; Deer Hunting With a Recurve Bow. Deer hunting with a recurve bow is a highly rewarding and extremely challenging sport. It not only requires skill with a traditional bow and stealth on the part of the hunter, but in-depth knowledge of the animal being hunted I've been testing the best compound bows head-to-head for Field & Stream since 2013. In that time, no other hunting bow brand has caused more of a reaction among readers than Mathews. On the one. The Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow from Keshes, 62″ Recurve Hunting Bow, Right and Left Handed, Draw Back Weight 15-35 lbs, Included Stringer Tool, Rest, Sight and Full Assembly Instructions, Archery is a long 62 inches Bow which is used up to a recommended draw length of 29 inches. It has got pre-installed brass bushing so that in the future. There are bow styles for both recurve bows and compounds, however only the recurves are included in the Olympics. Unlike field archery, target archery takes place on level terrain and archers will shoot from distances up to 90 meters (that's over 98 yards). As with field archery, both World Archery and the NFAA are popular formats The best takedown recurve bow should come with an option to include the stringer tool. This unit is an important aspect of any successful target session. Other considerations l Material construction- recurve bows are made using different types of material including wood, metal and plastic. l Ease of string installation- the best bow makes it.

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  1. Universal screw field points fit for all compound bow recurve bow crossbow using arrows of OD 8.8mm shaft. Pls allow 1-5 grain errow in weight, pls select the size base the od size of the points, it will work with all arrows with 5/16 inch inner diameter. 6
  2. It can be used to practice shooting, and can also use to hunting in the wild. Stability and accurate shooting, it has excellent arrow speed. Wonderful bow for shooting lover. ₹ 7,998. View Product Price incl. tax, excl. shipping: 2021-07-22 at 22:39. Futaba Hunting Recurve Bow Arrow Puller - Black
  3. 100 Grain Archery Field Points Practice Field Tips, Archery Target Practice Hunting Arrow Tip for Recurve, Compound Bow Crossbow, Screw-in 100 Grain (12pcs) Brand: TianTac 4.8 out of 5 stars 519 rating
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3. Bow hunting. When you want to gather and harvest your food, and you are an experienced archer, you may consider bow hunting or even bow fishing. 4. Target archery. This is the most popular type of archery for beginners, and it involves shooting at stationary objects like the bullseye Timber Creek Sidewinder 62 Recurve Field Bow - Supreme - Left Handed - 45#. 3 In Stock. Now. £200.00 Was £400.00. Add to Cart. Product Code: 722315. Timber Creek Cobra 62 One Piece Recurve - Standard - Left Handed - 50#. Now £174.50 Was £349.00. Product Code: 722315 Best Recurve Bows for Beginners, for Advanced Archers, and for Hunting May 2020 If you are planning to buy the Best Recurve Bow, here is your search ends. #bosstargets #recurvebow #bestrecurvebow #bowandarrow #shooting #arrow #bow #archery #archer #spor Field archery is a challenge, it's a step beyond target archery but it's great fun and great exercise. For barebow archers there's an opportunity to progress to international level in both field and 3D, so there is a definite pathway from beginner to elite for everyone. Most field clubs hold regular beginner's courses and support. It was published on December 14th 2012 and totals 232 pages. Take a look inside this book. Archery Fundamentals - by Human Kinetics. Published by Human Kinetics and written by Douglas Engh, this is another great great book and goes over, as the name suggests, all the fundamentals of archery

Choosing Arrows For Recurve Bows. If you were to ignore most of the online reviews then you would probably depend on annealing different charts ,technical details and number of positive reviews so as to arrive or even eland to one of the best rate product but with we spent about 13 hours to compile this list of top five best arrows for recurve target shooting which you can easily purchase. Make Offer - Vintage Montgomery Ward Western Field Bruin Recurve Bow Right Hand 8748-93 Archery English longbow Yew Mary Rose Folklore 72 , 48-50lb@28-29 $550.0 A maneuverable bow that gives you on the fly adaptability in the field. From bows for kids and beginners, to powerful recurve and traditional bows for adults, you'll find the perfect item for your archery needs in this collection from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Browse industry-leading brands you trust

A recurve bow has a lot of options for accessories and you might need a handy guide if you're new. The type of recurve bow accessories you choose are going to depend on your purposes and style of shooting. If you've found the perfect recurve bow for you and want to shoot it better, read on for our compound bow accessories guide for beginners The World Archery Rankings is a ranking system developed by the World Archery Federation for international competitive archery.It is calculated using a points system and published following major World Archery tournaments.. The ranking system was first developed in 2001, and calculation method updated in 2010 Countries from the Scandinavian region and a cross-section of Europe usually take the top spots in field events, where barebow is one of the categories included, alongside compound and recurve. Coaches can make a difference in you while shooting, in Italy there are many clubs in where you start shooting with barebows and then switch to.

Recurve Bows. 49 Products Found. Sort. Most Popular Name SKU Lowest Price Highest Price The Quest Radical is a highly adjustable compound bow which makes it great for different kinds of competition. It has the draw length that goes from 17.5 inches to 30 inches. The draw weight ranges from 15 pounds to 70 pounds. Its axle to axle length is 29.25 inches and brace height is 7.125 inches Recurve Bow. A recurve bow is very similar to a traditional longbow, but there are a few key differences. The biggest one that you will see is the way the limbs are made. It shares the basic shape of the longbow as a half-moon, but as the limbs start to approach the top and bottom, they curve. This difference in shape gives a recurve bow more. Here is our bow peep sight reviews line-up of the best sights for compound bows. 1. Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bowsight. After taking a look at the specs and customer reviews, it was easy to conclude that this is the best IQ bow on the market. Recurve bow sights, compound bow sights, crossbow sights, you name it there's a sight for it. Similar. There are quite a few bow stringers to choose from and they're all pretty good. We recommend the rubber pad pressure type like the Selway Limbsaver Recurve bow stringer or Selway Limbsaver Longbow bow stringer. Both products use a moveable rubber pressure pad on the top limb and a non-moving cup or pocket on the lower limb

Bows Recurve Sort By Default Title - A to Z Title - Z to A Price - lowest first Price - highest first Time Added - latest first Popularity - most popular first Sales - best selling first WNS Optimo Limb Specialty Archery Pro Series - Best hood Peep Sight. A versatile 37-degree bow peep sight offers a wide-field view and great value for money. It is clear to aim through, manageable and can be used with glasses of either color. The sight is sculpted to improve the performance in the field and reduce the weight at the same time

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Self bows, composite bows, and laminated bows using the recurve form are still made and used by bowyers, amateurs, and professional archers.. The unqualified phrase recurve bow or just a recurve in modern archery circles usually refers to a typical modern recurve bow, as used by archers in the Olympics and many other competitive events. It employs advanced technologies and materials Spine 400 Field Points For Hunting Recurve Bow/compound Bow 12PK Carbon Arrows, they can be adjusted for your bow,If the fletching have a little bent,you can straighten them by using an air dryer or soaked in hot water, Do not shot against concrete wall or any hard substance, Nocks are not fixed by glue,A Wise Choice,Hot pin break out Style,Find a good store,Online shopping at discounted price Don't Buy Until You Read This! Free 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns. Save Time & Money. We Did The Research For You. Read Our In-Depth Guide for the Best Archery Recurve Bows The 7 Best Recurve Bows For Exercise, Meditation, and Focus by M. W. Byrne Short of doing Green Arrow cosplay, few people use recurve bows - aka traditional bows - these days, as compound bows have largely taken center stage in the hunting arena

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Home - Recurve Bows - Best Takedown Recurve Bow [Roundup Review] 2021 Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you This post will provide you with information on the best takedown bows for hunting and archery A recurve bow is the most popular traditional bow today. Recurve bows shoot fast, are steady in hand, and the arrow sits directly over your hand when you shoot This recurve bow includes a full package of accessories. This item comes with a 1 pc Takedown Recurve bow, 6 pcs replaceable field points fiberglass arrows, 6 pcs fixed filed tips fiberglass arrows, 1 pc bow sight, 1 pc arm guard, 1 pc finger guard, 1 pc arrow rest, 1 pc bow stringer Tool, 2 pcs string nocks, 1 pc Bow

Fox Archery is one of the most recognized names in the custom traditional archery world. We have been fulfilling our customers dreams with beautiful hand created works of art for over 20 years. Our customers have entrusted us with the task of hand crafting their custom longbow or recurve design to their specifications Longshot Archery Aspire Take Down Field Recurve Bow 62. The Longshot Archery - Aspire range of traditional bows is a great way to get in to this growing side of the sportExcellent quality and performan.. £125.40. Ex Tax: £104.50. Add to Cart Hi I'm new to the community and I would like you to help me with a dilemma I have. I am thinking of buying a recurve bow limbs to make the transition from 30 to 40 pounds so I would like a cheap 36 pound limbs and my instructor recommended me some WNS that fit my budget of 100-170 dollars, but I am undecided between these two pairs of limbs: -WNS Delta C3 Carbon / Wood -WNS Explore CB1. Recurve bows are typically capable of shooting hundreds of yards, but the range depends on the specs: draw weight, draw length and arrow weight. The actual limiting factor is the archer's ability to aim. The effective range of most archers is between 10 to 35 yards, depending on skill level. In this post, I'm going to dive into the topic of.

Best Takedown Recurve Bow Your choices in recurve bows might seem pretty limitless, but they generally fall into one of two categories: one-piece and takedown bows. With a takedown recurve, you can easily detach the limbs from the riser, making it much easier to transport and store your archery equipment TRADITIONAL. At Bear Archery, we're proud to continue what Fred Bear started more than 85 years ago. The spirit, vision, and craftsmanship that Fred put into each bow remain a core component in our 2021 recurve and longbow lineup The recurve bow takes this one. Pound for pound in draw weight, the recurve is shorter and lighter than the longbow. It's a lot easier to carry around. It's also a lot easier to set up the shorter bow for a shot when you're in the field. The recurve bow is also commonly available as a takedown making it even more portable Visit our Best Recurve Bows 2020 guide to learn more about the best recurve bows on the 2020 market. Longbow specs and their meaning Whether you're new to traditional archery or you're a seasoned longbow/recurve shooter but still need a refresh, the meaning of some of the technicalities and specs might be more or less obscure

Whether a seasoned pro or just starting out on the journey of archery, these archery supplies are designed to help ensure a successful outing. Choose from traditional recurve bows, compound bows and crossbows to find what tools best suit your purposes, and add a sense of stealth and finesse to your hunting skills Recurve Bows & Longbows for Traditional Archery. Find a new recurve bow or longbow at SCHEELS. Whether you're looking for a wooden recurve bow or a traditional longbow, you'll find a great selection featuring top brands like PSE and Bear Archery. We offer recurve bows for youth and adults so every archer can find a great bow for them In field archery individuals or teams work their way through a course, often set over rough terrain, shooting at targets from pre-set colored pegs in the ground. Each set of pegs is placed at a specific distance from the target depending on the skill division. Most archers in field archery use compound or recurve bows

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Bear Archery is a long and fabled company—and we'll talk about that below—but how does their Grizzly Recurve hold up? It featured its last design change in 1964, if you can believe it, so how does it compare to other high-end, one-piece bows that you'll find manufactured today? We'll go over all that below, and talk a While building this bow they have made quite some improvements to the traditional build of this kind of bow, making a faster, more forgiving and stylish bow. The Bearpaw Redman Recurve is one of the best and fastest bow in it form. The predecessor of this bow was crowned Best Traditional Recurve in 2010 Before running out and purchasing a new bow, you need to do your research. To help make things easier for you, we have provided a list of the most popular and recommended recurve bows for beginners. Best Crossbows for Men Reviews 1. Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow. This is a traditional-style bow with a modern edge Bohning Archery makes the number one-selling vane in the world (the Blazer® Vane), so we field a lot of questions about vanes. In the world of Olympic style shooting, we're asked questions like: Can I shoot plastic fletchings with a recurve bow? What's the best vane size for Olympic recurve? Spin wings vs plastic vanes, which is better Australian archer Ryan Tyack explains the differences between active and passive aiming, the types of aiming point and how the aim relates to shot sequence w..

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Samick Sage Recurve Bow. First this may be my choice for best recurve bow of 2017, the classic Samick Sage. This recurve bow is a gorgeous takedown, meaning the limbs detach from the riser for easy storage. What's even better with the Sage, though, is that you can purchase replacement limbs directly from Samick or any of its distributors OMP SEKTOR RECURVE LIMBS. $124.99. Quickview. Add to Cart. View as Grid List. Items 1 - 24 of 29. Page. You're currently reading page Equipment & Bow Style Discussion The forums contained below are for the discussion of Olympic Recurve, Compound and Traditional bows (e.g. Longbows, Flatbows, Horsebows, Traditional Style Recurves) My #1 Recommendation. It's difficult to choose a single compound bow as the best overall, but what I recommend in the majority of cases is the Diamond Infinite Edge.With its insane 13″ to 30″ draw length range, and 5 to 70 lb. draw weight range, the Edge is a bow that is exceptionally user-friendly The Recurve Bow. Also considered a traditional bow, the limbs are shorter than a longbow and curve back away from the belly of the bow, which can provide more power in a shorter bow than the longbow. The recurve also features a pistol-style grip that adapts well for use with a bowsight or other accessories

Inexpensive: You can get children's and youth bows from quality makers — both recurve and compound — for as little as $25 up to around $60. We'd look at spending around $60 to $70 for the cheapest adult longbow or recurve bow. Mid-range: Between $80 and $150 you'll find a tremendous array of standard and takedown recurve bows. Good. 717-432-3710. 1045 Zeigler Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365. M, Tu, Th 10 AM - 6 PM. W, F 10 AM - 8 PM. Sat 10 AM - 4 PM. 717-432-3710 Top speed on this bow is 330 fps, with peak draw weights of 60 and 70 pounds are available. The draw-length range is 24 to 31 inches. ($699.99; psearchery.com) Read Next: Our Picks for the Best New Bows and Crossbows of the Year. PSE Archery Embark PSE Embark PSE. The latest incarnation in the Nock On family is the Embark If you are looking to start in field archery then the recurve bow is probably the best type of bow to start with. Not as complicated as a compound bow but more sophisticated tha the long bow. With the amount of recurve bows available today it can make sense to look carefully at the secondhand market to get the best value for money Suggestions for recurve bow. By Archery Enthusiast July 16, 2021. Looking for a good recurve bow without killing my wallet. A bow that's good for novices, but sturdy and dependable. Nothing fancy. Price range hopefully somewhere between $40-$60. submitted by /u/LoneSoul66

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I've looked around but so far I haven't found a recurve bow with more than 30 or 40 lbs of draw weight. I know that if I want a bow with 50lbs + of draw weight I could just get a compound bow but... it's hard to shoot fast by carrying all my arrows in my draw hand with a compound bow. submitted by /u/StarDry3868. [link] [comments PSE Nighthawk Recurve Bow. $13999. 4.0 (1) October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 Longbow. $23999. October Mountain Products Mountaineer 2.0 62 Recurve Bow. $25999. October Mountain Products Mountaineer 2.0 62 Recurve Bow. $25999 Best recurve bows always need the best bowstring. Southwest archery presents the world's toughest recurve bow string best choice for the replacement. It offers superior durability and incorporates most factors of Dacron strings. Center serving and both loops are preserved due to the fiber construction This archery tool is the best companion for all those who want to perfect aim at the range, or even in the field. Having said that, compound bows are as good as a rifle, or even better when you go hunting with the gang The Wizard Crossbow by ASC is a very inexpensive recurve crossbow to try out the sport of crossbow archery. With its 150 lb. draw, the Wizard is capable of slinging arrows up to 210 fps. The package includes the crossbow, 6 aluminum arrows, a string, foot stirrup, and a 4 x 20 crossbow scope That's why in this review, I'll help you choose the best archery set that's best for you and your family. Here are the 5 best archery sets for adults new to the sport. Archery Set. Draw Weight. Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow. 20-60 lbs. Genesis Original Kit. 20 lbs. SAS Spirit Bow Set