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This is the ultimate Duke Nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as I find it. All of the classic o.. The 'ZUKO: THAT'S ROUGH, BUDDY' sound clip has been created on 2/4/2021 12:46:06 PM. Movies sound clips, sound effects and meme soundboard Find more sound clips and sound effects like 'ZUKO: THAT'S ROUGH, BUDDY' on the Movies category page. You can also explore popular soundboards on this page - He sounds real nice. - True love and he didn't lay a hand on you? Sounds like a creep to me. - He wasn't. He was a gentleman. - Hey, what was his name? - Danny. Danny Zuko. - Well, I think he sounds peachy keen and, well, maybe if you believe in miracles Prince Charming will show up again someday somewhere unexpected. - See you later. - Come.

32-Zuko on the Mount. 33-Ending Credits. You will require an account to build your own soundboard or buy sound tracks.! Just fill out the account information below. All fields are required, VERIFICATION EMAIL will be sent to address. All unverified accounts are deleted within 72 hours. X Close Text a Sound. Help your audience discover your sounds. Let your audience know what to hear first. With any Pro plan, get Spotlight to showcase the best of your music & audio at the top of your profile. Zuko Next up. Clear Hide queue. Skip to previous Play current Skip to next. Shuffle. Repeat track. Preview. Volume. Toggle mute Use shift and the arrow up. Zuko. I'm Lost Now Ft, SoyYoung (prod. Zuko) Posted 2 years ago. 2 years ago. Hip-hop & Rap. Comment must not exceed 1000 characters. 8,903 plays. 8,903

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  1. Yes, original ATLA character Zuko had a grandson and he was named after the beloved Iroh. Not only that, but General Iroh was voiced by Zuko's voice actor, Dante Basco! While this was a shock and delight, some noted that Basco's voice for General Iroh was nearly identical to his performance as Zuko. Over the years fans have questioned why.
  2. Sounds good. Aang said and Katara nodded. The three of them backed and let Aang face Zuko. Hi! he said brightly, I'm the Avatar and I'd be happy to go with you as long as you leave this village alone. But you're just a child. Zuko scoffed. And you're just a teenager! But I can prove it
  3. Zuko Mandlakazi - Senso Walk a Mile in my Shoes S1 E6. Watch Episode. View Show. Senso is a wristband that translates important sounds, like an alarm for example, into specific colour-coded.
  4. J70 Zuko (Head) (13.15kb) J70 Zuko (Body) (21.50kb) How do I download and import stickfigures? Android How to download stickfigures & sounds: As of 3.2.0, Stick Nodes will no longer automatically find downloaded files in your /downloads/ folder. You must open the file with Stick Nodes explicitly for it to be moved into the correct folder
  5. Zuko stopped where he was, on the far side of the Western Air Temple. The spacious structure circulated the sounds of their voices, bringing them easily to Zuko's ears. They'd landed not long ago. He swallowed hard, feeling his heart beat faster. They were kids. Teenagers and kids. Just like him

Recent Comments. Ralph (Developer) @ralph Zombie Pein seeing the name of this stickfigure without context just makes me thin... [More»] 14 minutes ago Ralph (Developer) @ralph Skerrox Pack 2 menacing [More»] 15 minutes ago Ralph (Developer) @ralph J70 Zuko and Azula Pack your zuko stickfigure is pretty good, but your scar is on the wrong si... [More»] 15 minutes ag Choose from over 30,000 tracks, 60,000 sound effects and 170 genres in our audio library. We've got the sound effects and music you need to take your content to the next level

Eddie Zuko | Free Listening on SoundCloud. Help your audience discover your sounds. Let your audience know what to hear first. With any Pro plan, get Spotlight to showcase the best of your music & audio at the top of your profile. Learn more about Pro During the Agni Kai between the Fire Lord and the Crown Prince, the sun dies momentarily. A few days later, an iceberg breaks and the last Airbender awakens to a world at war. A vision leads a thirteen-year-old Zuko to the Southern Water Tribe to find the Avatar and hide him from his own father Anonymous asked: Please draw teenage Izumi with Zuko :) Dad!Zuko is best Zuko, fight me. I imagine their father-daughter relationship to be so pure and wholesome . ask answered izumi lok izumi princess izumi zuko atla zuko fire lord zuko fire nation royal family. 977 notes. 977 notes. Apr 11th, 2021 Zuko the Dragon King. Summary: (Zuko/Crossover Harem) Instead of having his uncle and crew, Zuko is banished by himself. His fate changes when he meets a powerful spirit that trains him for three years. He is called back to the world he came from in order to ally himself with the Avatar to save it Zuko slipped on the green cloak hanging from the bedpost, thankful now more than ever that even nearly nine months pregnant he didn't have a huge baby bump. Figure distorted and pregnancy hidden underneath the thick, flowing fabric. Ice cold fear flooded his veins when he heard Suki shout a warning to Sokka and the sounds of fighting in.

We love ourselves one (1) awkward redeemed boy. Prince Zuko has been my favorite character since I was about eight years old, and he has held that spot for a good reason. Since Avatar the Last Airbender first aired in 2005, the character of Prince Zuko has been analyzed again and again over the years, and his story arc has been marked as one of the best and well-written redemption arcs in TV. Zuko grinned dazedly as he was pulled away by Toph, a teasing smile on her face as she led him to the rest of the group. You looked after them for a few seconds before walking away, only pausing to laugh at their conversation. I can't believe your uncle has to set up your dates for you.. Shut up! 1. Zuko respects Katara as a bender, even if she is a girl. Nickelodeon. When Katara and Zuko battle at the Spirit Oasis, he discovers she's a much stronger bender now. Unlike Master Pakku who. Zuko was not sure what was happening at all, but it didn't matter. Azula was the dangerous one. His largest threat. Zuko could see in her narrowed eyes, the set of her mouth that she was not afraid and she was ready to kill him. Ready to kill them all. Zuko had been declared a traitor to the fire nation

Zuko & Sokka are Bumi's (Aang's son) favorites. Sokka is just an all around cool uncle & they relate on being nonbenders. But Zuko is so FUN to mess with & prank. Bumi will play every trick in the book and Zuko gets caught off guard a lot but he loves it. He just loves to hear laughter & kids running around in his home since he has so many. Zuko pulls out a pot of water, heats it to boiling in no time, then puts in some jasmine leaves and lets it sit a bit before heating it again. He then puts it into a mug and takes a sip, humming contentedly and commenting Uncle has good taste in tea.. Intro: Zuko strides into the arena, palms alight with fire Zuko, it seemed, had been singled out for the opposite reason. Then, one day, shortly after his thirteenth birthday, there was a big war meeting. Zuko wanted to go, as he was eager to learn as much as he could about what it would take to be a good Firelord. I tried to tell him that these meetings are quite dull, but he persuaded me to let him in

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Zuko is seen crying for the first time during this episode. When the gang and the fisherman are struggling in the storm, a strange white blob flashes onto the background. When Aang asks Gyatso if the Council might have made a mistake when they said he was the Avatar, Gyatso says that, The only mistake they made was telling you before you. A traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves, banana leaves, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. Zongzi is popular all over East and Southeast Asia, where it goes by various names: Zung in Guangdong, Macau & Hong Kong

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oh, sounds like the firebending's back on. But can we talk about Zuko??? Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation? He was a banished Prince, cursed to hunt the Avatar forever, he was given a ship and a crew, on his endless search for what seemed like an impossible feat. Later on, he did find the Avatar only to have Commander Zhao try to rob him of his. Zuko's seems to have the stronger fire bending, and is a warrior himself, plus he has more feats to fall back on. He's also insanely skilled with his blades. I do think Zuko wins, but it is no. Dante Basco, Actor: Hook. Dante Basco was born on August 29, 1975 in Pittsburg, California. He's an actor & producer. He's best known as the voice actor for Prince Zuko in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. He's known for his roles in the live-action films such as Hook , But I'm a Cheerleader & Hang Loose (2012) lotustiled. some messy sketches bc i'm a sucker for katara initiating their first kiss. ok this is gorgeous and I am fully in love with zuko's jawline holy shit zutara zuko katara fanart zk fanart atla avatar: the last airbender. ok this may be a long shot but has anyone here watched the Spanish series El Internado? because I'm. Toward the end of Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra season 1, long-time Avatar: The Last Airbender fans got a huge surprise. As season villain Amon overran Republic City, Korra put out a call for help. Who was there to answer but none other than Zuko's grandson, General Iroh! Yes, original ATLA character Zuko had

ATLA: The Real Reason Zuko was Treated so Poorly by his Father. FanTheory. The Last Airbender fans know the story well. Zuko wasn't as good as Azula, he spoke out of turn, and in the comics find out Ozai was taking out a psycho grudge against his wife. But there's still a lot to be explained, once Ursa's gone he still treats Zuko terribly. Fortunately, Zuko's able to bond with each of member of the team as time goes on - but Katara's grudge against the Fire Nation as a whole, as well as Zuko's hand in nearly killing Aang, keeps her from trusting him, which forces Zuko to do the one thing that will gain her friendship - bring her mother's killer to justice Dante R. Basco (born August 29, 1975) is an American film, television and voice actor. He is best known for his role as Rufio, the leader of the Lost Boys in Steven Spielberg's Hook, and for his many voice acting roles, most notably as Prince Zuko from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jake Long from Disney Channel's American Dragon: Jake Long, and Spin Kick from Carmen Sandieg From Rufio to Zuko is out everywhere books are sold.This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 Don't Speak- Zuko x Reader // Soulmate au- Zuko x reader // summary: In the Fire Nation, when you turn 16, the first words your soulmate will say to you appear on your wrist. Just after y/n's 17th birthday, they don't think they'll ever find their soulmate

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Prince Zuko. First Appearance: Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1# Episode #1 (2005) Bio: Zuko is the Prince of the Fire Nation and therefore the son of the Fire Lord who rules over. Zuko once challenged his father in Agni Kai after questioning his tactics which resulted his own father burning one side of his face and. Avatar Book One: Water but Zuko keeps calling Sokka pretty boy as an insult. unfortunately Sokka is the only person they encounter who recognizes the derogatory tone for what it is because Zuko pretty much always sounds contemptuous even when he is sincere — Uncle Iroh, Katara, Aang, the crew of Zuko's ship and one-off characters like June all think he's doing this weird flirtation.

The Legend of Korra: Why General Iroh Sounds Just Like Zuko. Toward the end of Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra season 1, long-time Avatar: The Last Airbender fans got a huge surprise. As season villain Amon eca.works. [ID: A digital colored drawing of Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first panel shows Zuko and Katara alone at night underneath the glow of the moon, seemingly in a serious conversation. Katara is wearing a red crop top and loose pants as well as gold arm bands. Meanwhile, Zuko is dressed in red robes and a black cape Zukka (Taylor's Version) ATLA Twitterverse AU part 9: oblivious Zuko returns and the gaang discovers reaction images. previous | next. atla au zukka au zukka twitter au atla hahahha i will die by the oblivious zuko trope it never misses. 219 notes. 219 notes. Jun 18th, 2021 Zuko looked at the useless handle for a second before throwing it aside and kicking the hero in training in the abdomen, sending him flying across the valley. Shoto Todoroki ended up landing a couple of meters away from a cliff. Shoto got up to see Zuko charging at him with his remaining sword in hand, reared back Zuko suddenly becomes the legal guardian of his 15 year old sister, Kiyi, and is wholly unprepared for the challenges of raising a teenager. But he finds a friend in Katara, their new neighbor, who quickly makes herself at home, both amongst the siblings and in his heart. Mm, sounds like a good name to scream in bed, Suki remarked.

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Zuko, The Crown Prince beg for mercy is unacceptable. Zuko is supposed to be a warrior and killer. He was banished for being an unfit Crown Prince and coward for refusing to duel for his honor. Ozai melted off half his son's face and felt no remorse, he even told Zuko he deserved it later in the series Zuko is the first character in the entire Avatar universe known to have been scarred by a close relative, the second being Lin Beifong in The Legend of Korra. However, he was scarred deliberately, whereas Lin accidentally. Zuko is the last surviving male member of the original Team Avatar Zuko ordered the course of his warship be set for the light, determined to capture the Avatar, and restore his honor. Face of the enemy. Zuko entered the village with his men, and told the villagers who he was, the son of Fire Lord Ozai and heir to the throne of the Fire Nation. He had his men round up all the elderlies Hello, Zuko Here. Zuko: I invented a game. Wanna play? Aang: Sure! Zuko: It's called Zuko or Boomerang. I give you actual quotes I've heard Sokka say, and you guess if he was talking to his boyfriend or his boomerang. avatar the last airbender atla incorrect quotes zuko aang sokka zukka Nope.) Zuko:He was the Blue Spirit! He kicked more ass than Mako in his entire life even though he's only 16 (& Mako is 18) He have beaten the crap outta about 1000 firenation troops all by himself and without bending! And The Blue Spirit is one of the biggest criminals in the Fire Nation

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Berserk Button: For Zuko, anything that comes between him and Iroh.General How learns this the hard way in The Trial. Through a bad case of Poor Communication Kills, Zuko believes Iroh's trial for his attack on Ba Sing Se is being rigged against rather than for him. Zuko flips his shit, attacks How in a murderous rage, and is an inch away from burning How's neck until Kuei steps in and. Pastel Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender Collectible Pin 4.8 out of 5 stars 10 $9.99 $ 9 . 99 Nickelodeon Avatar The Last Airbender Action Group Shot T-Shirt 4.8 out of 5 stars 2 Zuko Ministries, Pretoria, South Africa. 114 likes · 3 were here. Zuko Ministries is a community of people like you— a place to take action on the world's biggest issues. Your voice matters. Join.. book 1 zuko is a beautiful bald boy but what if he never had to shave his head. that is all i have to say goodnight. atla avatar the last airbender zuko my doodles hits Five things Zuko learned about Sokka, and one thing Sokka already knew about Zuko. a zukka star trek au for three days of zukka week 2021 prompts! 5+1, hurt/comfort, and free space day bc it's about as au as it get