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Bench press world records are the international records in bench press across the years, regardless of weight class or governing organization, for bench pressing on the back without using a bridge technique.. The advent of bench press shirts, which support the lifter's shoulders and provide upward force, have increased records significantly since 1985 (for example, when the shirted record was. #benchpress #benchpressrecord #worldrecordBlaine Sumner sets the new bench press world record at 454kg/1003lbs. This was during the Arnold Sports Festival 20..

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Bench (Full Power) Class Rank Lifter Bench Date Fed; 52: 1: Andrzej Stanaszek: 177.5: 1994-11-17: IPF: 2: Michael Booker # Will Barotti benching 1,105 lbs (over 501 kg) for a new world record Weightlifting at the level of the pros requires a combination of grueling training, purposeful recovery, solid nutrition, and a lot of grit and determination Andrzej Stanaszek holds the all-time world record for both the squat and bench press. China holds the most Olympic medals in female weightlifting Here's a look at the bench press record, which measures the number of times a player can bench press 225 pounds in one set. NFL Scouting Combine Bench Press Record 51 reps: Justin Ernest (1999),..

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  1. Our bench press standards are based on 13,354,000 lifts by Strength Level users. Gender. ♂ Male. ♀ Female. Weight Unit. Kilograms (kg) Pounds (lb) Age Range. Any 14-17 18-23 24-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89
  2. That is until now. Jimmy Kolb has broken the all-time world record for the heaviest bench press by lifting a whopping 508 kilograms (1,120lbs) at the 2021 International Powerlifting Association's..
  3. Well, a lot of the women on this list would be able to smash the bench press record in your gym without any problems. Be ready to be astounded, and you'll find a few surprises along the way. These are 15 female bodybuilders and how much they bench. 15 Erica Cordie - 150 Lbs (4 Reps
  4. No big deal, just the heaviest bench press of all time.. In late June, 35-year-old Will Barotti made a jaw-dropping multiply equipped bench press of 1,105 pounds (501.2kg) and the biggest bench in.
  5. 148 380 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 07/18/15. 165 420 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 01/24/15. 181 440 Mike Hara USA USAPL 07/25/11. 198 462 Lee Wilcoxon USA WPC 08/06/16. 220 515 Dennis Cieri USA USAPL 09/15/18. 242 515 Tony Lotman USA IPA 11/15/14. 275 560 Joe Ladnier USA SPF 11/15/14. 308 540 Michael DeLaval USA APF 08/12/12
  6. - A competitive powerlifter who recently broke an American record for bench press (master class) has employed a new tool in her quest to stave off performance anxiety. Gretchen Patsios wore Beyond Matters energy patches at the USA Powerlifting National Championships, and she credits them with helping her secure the record on June 18

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Record claim for New World and/or European Record Record claim form . Official VIP Partners . Partner o With the advent of the NFL Combine in the 1980s, football fans were treated to the now familiar bench press test of strength which sees aspiring athletes press 225 pounds for as many reps as possible

Fitness Testing > Tests > Aerobic Endurance > Bench Press > Records. World Best Bench Press Scores. The bench press test is a test of upper body strength, and for many weightlifters is considered the criterion measure of strength. Being able to bench your body weight is a target for many, but the record for the most weight bench pressed is much greater than that Class Lift Lifter Country Year Fed. 123 639 Andrzej Stanaszek Poland 05/09/02 EPF. 132 551 Mike Booker USA 2002 AAU. 148 582 Jonathan Garcia USA 11/21/20 USAPL. 165 661 Austin Perkins USA 11/14/20 USAPL. 181 760 Aleksey Nikulin Russia 06/24/18 IPL/RPU. 198 804 Amit Sapir Canada 04/16/16 APA. 220 822 Joe Sullivan USA 09/26/20 WRPF A 70 year old benching press with such confidence and skill - he would probably school a lot of 20 year olds who are too lazy to get off the couch to lift. How impressive is your bench press? Check out this 70 year old as he lifts insane amounts of weights on his bench press

A man who has been pumping iron for just seven years now holds the world record in the raw bench press after hoisting a staggering 739.6 pounds at an event on Saturday in California, the Owensboro. Hi my name is Anthony Franco. I am seventy nine. 79. Last December 7 I entered my first weight lifting competition. The Tom Brown Big Guns powerlifting competition in New Hartfort, NY I set a world record bench press in the masters 199 lb class. 330 benching am working out at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and I am on track to break that record Maddox was the current world record holder for raw bench press, which he first set in August 2019. Maddox beat the previous record holder Kirill Sarychev's 738.5 pound press by hitting 739.6. State Records as of 01-01-2015 with New Weight Classes Raw Men 70-74 53.0 kg (116.8 lbs) Squat Bench Deadlift Total Bench Only Deadlift Only Equipped Men 70-74 53.0 kg (116.8 lbs) Squat Bench Deadlift Total Bench Only Deadlift Only Raw Men 70-74 59.0 kg (130.1 lbs) Squat Bench Deadlift Total Bench Only Deadlift Only Equipped

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The bench press has long been a popular test of strength. The NFL uses the 225-pound repetition bench press test as a way to test upper-body strength for its incoming rookie class. Below is a list of the NFL Combine Bench Press Record by position group. It is important to note that nfl.com doesn't have records of all scouting combine results Julius Maddox became the world record holder in the raw bench press after lifting 744 pounds in September 2019. (For contrast, the most Hall has ever benched in a contest is 285 kilograms, around. Also looking to set a world record, Will Barotti attempted a 1,105 Lbs equipped bench press. Take a look at the attempt below as the powerlifter showcases some otherworldly strength. For more news and updates, follow Generation Iron on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram Michigan State Raw Records: R-T3-57: Bench press: Grace Choponis: 65 kg: Michigan State Raw Records: R-T3-84: Bench press single lift: Anna Steele: 87.5 kg: Michigan State Raw Records: R-T3-84: Bench press: Anna Steele: 87.5 kg: Michigan State Raw Records: R-T3: 84+ Deadlift single lift: Hailey Ryan: 195 kg: Michigan State Raw Records: R-T3: 84.

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With his easy, unassisted 600 lbs RAW bench press. World's Strongest Man Bill Kazmier had the world record in the 80s with a raw 660 lbs bench press with a narrow grip. Journeyman pro wrestler and biker gang enforcer Bruiser Bedlam aka Johnny K-9 (5'9″, 280) was known to bench press 625 lbs The lightweight bench press record for new york state is 225 pounds at a weight of 128 pounds. Who holds the bench press record for 160lb man? David E. Noble The Florida native recently broke the world record for an unassisted, or raw, bench press at the annual Olympia Pro Powerlifting Competition in September in Las Vegas. He benched 551 pounds while. Since then, Maddox has hired a coach and, with proper programming, has broken the world record raw bench press (meaning only wearing a belt and wrist wraps) not once, but twice. He first benched 739.6 pounds in August, breaking the old record of 738.5 pounds, and followed that up with a 744.1-pound lift in November

At the 1999 NFL combine, Eastern Kentucky defensive tackle Justin Ernest set a record on the bench press with a mind-boggling 51 reps. However, that strength did not translate into an NFL career. Ernest was not drafted by an NFL team, and he has no regular season appearances Below are the best NBA Draft Combine bench press results by year since the 2000 class: 2000 - 24 by Justin Love. 2001 - 23 by Nate James. 2002 - 24 by Chris Burgess and J.R. Bremer. 2003 - 27 by Jason Keep. 2004 - 22 by Emeka Okafor, Chris Garnett, and Kris Humphries. 2005 - 26 by Joey Graham

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Most Bench Press Reps With A 220.50-Pound Weight On A Smith Machine (Athlete Under 206 Lbs.) Mark Galloway Mark G. bench pressed a barbell weighing 220.50 pounds 68-year-old Billings man bests record at bench press competition Chris Cioffi Nov 20, 2013 Nov 20, 2013 Updated Nov 20, 2013; 1 of 3 Eldon Olson, 68, bench presses more than 400 pounds at Plaza. Bench press. Performing the pyramid routine with a combination of using the bar and dumbbells, he'd do sets with repetitions of 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. Leg press. Howard used the leg press machine over other forms of workouts intended to help his legs because of his back issues. The perfect push-up. Howard was a push-up fanatic. NFL Combine Bench Press Record is 51 reps at 225 lbs. by Justin Earnest of Eastern Kentucky. Weightlifting World Records. Lift Up. Junior World Records. Youth World Records. The World's Strongest Man. Strongman. Powerlifting Records. Powerlifting USA. Drug-Free Powerlifting. AAU Powerlifting. Up Your Bench. Quintuple Bodyweight Squat Hall of. Like so much in fitness how many reps you should bench press depends on your goal, if you want to see muscle growth then its 8 - 12. If you want to increase your strength then you should be doing 1 - 6 and cycling through only going close to 1 rep max over a period of time and if you want endurance then 15 - 20 is your target

Those bench press only cannot set records within three lift as they have not had the challenge of squatting prior to bench press. Q: Can I set a record in the squat or deadlift? A: Yes, within the powerlifting or three lift records. These are not maintained individually. Q: Why doesn't the total record meet or exceed the sum of the three. Using the bench press test table below: See how the maximum weight you can bench press for a single repetition compares to that of other men in your age-group. First, divide the weight you lift by your bodyweight. For example, if you bench press 300 pounds at a bodyweight of 200 pounds, the weight you lift as a proportion of your bodyweight is 300/200 = 1.50

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  1. For most guys, the bench press stalls somewhere between 225 and 315 pounds. Doing the typical pyramid sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps, as many do, isn't going to unstick it. That rep scheme may be for building mass, but to add plates you need to practice lifting heavy for 1 rep only—this is how you prepare your body for the stress of a max lift
  2. But maybe the most impressive feat of the day was Tommy Togiai on the bench press. We told you earlier the OSU defensive lineman was hoping to break a record by hitting 50 reps of 225 pounds while raising money for chairty. Togiai fell short in his efforts to break the record, but what he did was still astounding
  3. Record-keeping in powerlifting is a little spotty because rules and methods vary from state to state, but it generally is accepted among those in the sport that it is the most ever bench-pressed.
  4. For years, the bench press world record crept up slowly and steadily. In the 1950s, Canadian Doug Hepburn became the first man to bench 400, 450, and 500 pounds

World Record Holder Julius Maddox may be the first person to ever bench press 800lbs. While there are others out there, included Danial Zamani who are capabl.. Clint Poore completed 21 consecutive repetitions bench pressing a 275-pound weight. His body weight at the time of attempt is 227 pounds. 00:50

Bench Press Only Ernie Tauck 112.50 248.00 11/15/2012 2012 NAPF Regional BP Championships: Raw Junior (20-23) Men 83 kg / 182 lbs Bench Press Only Ryan Brooks No pending records found.. Youth age 5 years 66 Full Power American Bench Press 15 33.1 Akina, C USA Youth age 5 years 66 Full Power American Deadlift 30 66.2 Akina, C USA Youth age 5 years 66 Full Power American Total 64.9 143 Akina, C USA Youth 6 to 7 66 Single Lift American Bench Press 24 52.9 Hawkins III, William US If a bench-only record is exceeded by a bench press performed in a full/3-lift meet (i.e., lifter performs all three lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift), the lifter is credited with both records (single-lift and 3-lift bench press). A lifter can NOT set a 3-lift bench record while lifting in a bench-only division. Getting State Records. RECORDS ONLY FLORIDA STATE BENCH PRESS AND DEAD LIFT Record TypeMeet Type Sex Division Weight Class Weight LiftedName State Ply Date Location WR Single-lift Bench Press Men Disabled 2 Men 40-59 114 99.0 Scott Beasley FL Raw October 24, 2020 Lakeland, F

RYBACK: You gotta train heavy. Set goals for yourself and then each and every week slowly chip away at it until you reach your goal and don't stop. So if my goal is to bench press 580 pounds and I'm at 550, I'm going to try to better that number every week and try to go 555, 560, 565 until I get to 580 USPA RANKINGS. Drug Tested Rankings Non Tested Ranking. United States Powerlifting Association & Interlational Powerlifting League Records. Event Calendar Competition Results Bench press. Record holder: Stephen Paea, DT, 2011; Repetitions (225 pounds): 49; Yeah, but: Paea's 49 reps were deemed a record in 2011 even though defensive tackle Justin Ernest pumped out 51.

Equipped records are listed by division and weight class. Equipped records were broken when athletes were wearing any of the following gear: knee wraps, single ply poly bench shirt, single ply poly deadlift suit or single ply poly squat suit. Retired records with old weight classes. Retired January 1, 2015. Raw Records BENCH (A/C) TOTAL British Records MEN - CLASSIC -93kg U16 U18 U23 open M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 170 230 280 290 255 250 250 152.5 Standard Jordan Walters Sion Hughes Stephen Manuel Iain Kendrick Andy Bonner Andy Bonner Standard Standard 03/12/2016 30/10/2016 06/06/2014 20/03/2016 16/08/2015 16/08/2015 BENCH PRESS. James Henderson officially broke the 700lbs/318kg raw barrier in 1996 by pressing 705lbs/320.45kg without a bench press shirt while weighing 390lbs (177kg) himself. Many want to believe that he was 100% drug-free because he was tested, but there's a difference between passing a test and actually being clean According to the record books, Arnold's best bench press was 500lbs which has always been a world class number. There's no information on the Internet whether the lift was done with a pause or not. FAQ Q: Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's chest built solely through bench pressing The bench press records of 47 elite rugby players. 'How much do you bench bro?'. It's a sports' cliché, but the bench press continues to occupy a uniquely macho seat in the pantheon of weight training disciplines, and professional rugby players are by no means immune. Some variation of the bench press remains a staple in rugby clubs.

New record: USAPL Bench Press Nationals « USAPL West Virginia Says: September 13, 2010 at 8:11 am [] to lose an all-time best lift to a controversial technicality such as that just described The NHL Bench Press Test is an upper body muscular strength endurance test. Participants perform the maximum number of bench press movements at 70-80% of their body weight (pre-dertermined) at a set cadence of 25 reps per minute. This test was once used for the NHL combine (they now use a maximum power bench press test ) The decline bench press doesn't only exercise pectoral muscles; it activates the triceps, too. Although athletes hoping to target their triceps should probably go for a more arm-specific move (like close-grip bench presses), the decline press is a great way to activate those muscles while focusing on the chest

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The Bench Press Pause In Powerlifting, we often talk about the paused bench versus a touch and go bench. A touch and go bench is simply a rep where the lifter lowers the bar to their chest and raises the bar back up without any pause at all Receivers may not put up the monster bench press numbers that we see from linemen, but plenty of prospects put up respectable numbers on Thursday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Wisconsin's. A Kentucky man who has only been lifting weights for seven years is the new world record holder in the raw bench press. Julius Maddox, of Owensboro, Ky., broke the record by lifting a whopping 739. California Police Athletic Federation 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #107 San Diego, CA 92111 Tele: 858.571.9919 Web: www.cpaf.org June 23, 2021. Dear 2021 USPFC.

The State also maintains Single Lift Bench and Single Lift Deadlift records, in which a powerlifting total is not required. A lifter may set a Single Lift Bench or Deadlift record regardless of how the lifter is registered at a meet. For example, a lifter registered as Full Powerlifting only may also set Single Lift records. Special Division The bench press at the NFL combine is used as a test of strength and of stamina. You've seen it; you've probably done a bench press or two at the gym. At the combine, players lift 225 pounds (102 kg) as many times as possible

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  1. For example, performed a bench press burn out set can get a little hairy when you are highly fatigued. You will also experience a high degree of form breakdown, which can be hard on the shoulders. Rest-Pause - Burn sets can be performed with no rest at all, or with slight pauses up to 10-15 seconds between reps
  2. Place Fed Date Location Competition Division Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots; DQ: WPC: 2002-02-23: USA-OH: WPO World Record Bench Bash: Open: 36~ Mult
  3. D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss. Metcalf was the belle of the ball, running the 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds at 6-foot-3, 228 pounds. He put up 27 reps on the bench press, tied for the most for a wide.
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